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Max’s Goes Mad For Fall


by Andrew Chalk

Max’s Wine Dive in Uptown has firmly established itself for both lunch and dinner. Chef Patrick Russell confirmed what my eyes had led me to suspect – the fried chicken is the single most popular menu item. However, maybe to prove that there is a lot more to Max’s than chicken, they hosted a media dinner last week and Crave was there.

First, some background. ‘Dive’ is too denigratory a word. Max’s is very comfortable. The ‘dive’ term just refers to its casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere. One exception: two of the women at the communal (to the extent that members of the media can commune with each other) table said that they want the U.S. Navy approved grey ship paint to end at the door of the women’s room. Upscale the interior a bit.    Continue reading


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Enter The New Fall Menu At Central 214

by Steven Doyle

The Fall menu at Central 214 is classically Chef Graham Dodds. We have written plenty about Chef Dodds in the past, as he was one of the pioneers of cooking what we raise locally. It does take a bit of expertise to summon local produce in months where little can be found in North Texas, and with great expense, but the relationships Dodds has forged help with his efforts to bring incredible bounty in a time when many are foraging trucks sent from California.

That bounty comes from such purveyors as Eden Creek Farms, Caprino Royale, Tom Spicer, Tassione Farms, Windy Meadows, The Texas Honeybee Guild and Eden’s Organics. These are names of our local heroes plowing through to ensure you have the healthiest meats and produce available in North Texas.   Continue reading

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Central 214 New Menu Is Summer Fresh

by Steven Doyle

Each day Central 214 Chef Graham Dodds makes adjustments to his menu based on what farmer knocks on his back door and what fresh in-season item they might be peddling that day. Dodds also makes changes at least four times a year offering new and unique dishes that he has been working on for that season.

The summer has been hot and Dodds has been thinking lighter and flying in fresh seafood from his contacts in San Francisco. The fresh seafood also includes a share of West Coast oyster which can be seen as rare in Texas for the only reason that most species of oysters found on the West Coast are deemed illegal in the state of Texas.           Continue reading


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