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Knife Opening May 15 And Here Is What You Want To Order First

DSC01421by Steven Doyle

Last evening John Tesar hosted a group of media types from around the DFW area to check out his new digs at Knife located in the Hotel Palomar. We were all plenty excited, and the group was much larger than you might expect for a pre-opening sneak peek. It is always fantastic to chat up the ever charming chef Tesar as he spins his tales in expert mode. He is always excited, and his eyes grow larger when he has something terrific to discuss. Last night it was about beef.

Knife, which will open possibly May 15, 2014, is all about the meat. Just as Tesar’s other highfalutin restaurant Spoon is all about seafood, which he does ever-so-deftly, the chef now gets to play with beef. Not long after arriving, Tesar moved me towards the front of the building, where the entrance is located and the doorway just underneath the newly installed signage for Knife. As you make your way into the front door you will notice a small room with a large view. It was empty last night, but the little apartment will play host to aging beef when the restaurant finally opens for business. Here you will be able to peer in and spot your dinner; in this case we are talking the holy grail of beef: the 240-day dry-aged riserva rib eye. 240 freaking days. That is nearly 200 days longer than your average dry aged steak you will find in Dallas.    Continue reading


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Soft Shell Crabs, Red Wattle Pig and Long Beans Await You At Central 214

DSC08723by Steven Doyle

Last week our beloved wine guru, Andrew Chalk, checked out the new summer menu at Central 214. The rest of the staff was so taken by the menu and the glowing review Andrew had for the restaurant and Chef Graham Dodds that we went in for a looksee ourselves. We were not prepared for what the chef had in store. Some of these are specials, and others can be found on the current menu. What is amazing is the fact that Dodds always keeps it fresh. Let’s just call this Central 214 Week at CraveDFW and move forward with the feast we enjoyed.  Continue reading

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Central 214 Summer Menu

IMG_1665Daily Special: Squash Carpaccio with a Chanterelle Conserva and Squash Blossom Fritters

by Andrew Chalk

Central 214, the aspirational New American farm-to-table restaurant at the Hotel Palomar, has just introduced execuchef Graham Dodds’ summer menu. The changes are far-reaching, introducing salads that glorify the vegetables and fruit of summer, beef ribs that put those expensive (if you count queuing time) central Texas barbecue places to shame, and juicy brined Berkshire pork chop that has rich flavors that shows off the restaurant’s careful sourcing policy.

I have said in the past that the local sourcing policy as Central 214 stopped at the edge of the plate. I described the wine list as a hit parade of the bottom 40 from California and of national corporate dominance. Scratch that. The list has undergone a total cellardectomy and now features at least six Texas wines (more details below) and a 360⁰ vision about origin. Add to that a comprehensive cocktail list by mixologist Amber West and Central 214 continues its march to the forefront of Dallas restaurants.          Continue reading


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Enter The New Fall Menu At Central 214

by Steven Doyle

The Fall menu at Central 214 is classically Chef Graham Dodds. We have written plenty about Chef Dodds in the past, as he was one of the pioneers of cooking what we raise locally. It does take a bit of expertise to summon local produce in months where little can be found in North Texas, and with great expense, but the relationships Dodds has forged help with his efforts to bring incredible bounty in a time when many are foraging trucks sent from California.

That bounty comes from such purveyors as Eden Creek Farms, Caprino Royale, Tom Spicer, Tassione Farms, Windy Meadows, The Texas Honeybee Guild and Eden’s Organics. These are names of our local heroes plowing through to ensure you have the healthiest meats and produce available in North Texas.   Continue reading

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