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Elusive Tableside Service and Where to Find it in Dallas

caesarby Steven Doyle

There is simply nothing more elegant and festive as tableside service. We are talking the classic Caesar Salad tossed in full view of the guest, at their table and with great finesse. It is the definitive dinner and a show that has somewhat fallen from a great many menus across the country. Beyond adding a bit of flair, this and many other tableside presentations also demonstrates a commitment to freshness. What could be more fresh and flavorful than a dessert or salad  finished off right before the diners’ eyes? This said, there are still many restaurants across the country creating delicious dishes tableside, and certainly to rave reviews. Continue reading

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Some Enchanted Evening At Mercat

cocktailsby Steven Doyle

The word Mercat is the Catalan word for “market” which gives a slight foreshadowing of what diners might expect at the cozy, if not romantic Dallas Uptown bistro.  The tiny space inside gives a true bistro feel, and that same sense flows out onto the patio which overlooks the beautiful green space that is part of Mercat’s sister restaurant, St. Ann. On the evening we made our last visit, the night was simply simpatico with the the beautiful song styling’s of local crooner Hunter Sullivan. As one of our first courses arrived we enjoyed tunes from the Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett songbooks. Fireflies sparked across the lawn, and beautiful wines rushed to our heads as we smiled with the perfect dining selection for the evening.    Continue reading

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