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Meers Makes The Biggest, Baddest Burger

by Steven Doyle

When I was just a tween I was wrangled in on a camping trip with a group of friends to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. There I took in my first snipe hunt, although I think we were just old enough not to fall for this bit and it backfired on the only adult that was with us that weekend.

It was a memorable weekend of nudging buffalo and roasting hot dogs and freshly caught snipe by the fire. We visited Fort Sill, and I remember being so moved by the cell which held the famous Apache warrior Geronimo. The small cell had a deeply worn crevasse where he had paced the floor millions of times.    Continue reading

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Brew Review: Prairie Artisan Ales

Prairie-Artisan-Ales-logoby Brian Wall

To our north rests an upcoming brewery that is nestled in Krebs, Oklahoma just outside of OKC. Started by a couple of brothers, Prairie Artisan Ales is making a national name for itself with the beer selections and quality. The farmhouse ales are a superb example of category and the imperial stouts are often sought after across the country for the flavors that are produced. In this go instance, the newest offering is a collaboration with Evil Twin Brewing from Brooklyn, New York and aptly named Bible Belt. While this beer was available in limited quantities at the Big Texas Beer Fest, it was released in the DFW area by bottle this past week. Most stores that sold this brew sold out quickly or had stock limiting patrons to one or two bottles only. Reports from beer traders confirmed that this is a strongly desired beer as distribution is limited to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.    Continue reading

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How You Can Help Moore

An American flag lies on top of an overturned car after a tornado struck Moore, Oklahomaby Jennifer Thomas

The tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th caused damage indicative of an EF5 tornado, leaving a trail of damage as much as two miles wide and 17 miles long. 24 people have been confirmed dead and over 230 people were injured. Blocks of homes were destroyed, along with businesses a hospital and two elementary schools.

Journey Church is one of the biggest churches in Norman and has opened its doors to hundreds of those who have lost their homes and are seeking shelter outside of Moore and Oklahoma City. For more information call 405-217-8700 or email help@journeychurch.tv.      Continue reading

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