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Kampong Is The New Malaysian Restaurant In Richardson

IMG_2865Nasi Lemak – Lamb curry, egg noodles stir fried with Kampong sauce

by Andrew Chalk

Kampong is Malaysian for village. I mention that so that if you ever hear someone say “It takes a Kampong”, or a singing group called “The Kampong People”, or a place called “Greenwich Kampong” you will know what they mean. That is just part of the service that we deliver here at Crave.

The Kampong Asian Fusion in Richardson is a (mainly) Malaysian menu served by Malaysians and owned by Malaysians who are new to town. They found that 10% state and local personal income taxes and a mayor who dictated what size soda you can buy made not even the spectacular natural beauty of Flushing, NY worth sticking around for. They decamped to Texas.   Continue reading


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