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Dallas Brew Bus Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

brew.jpgby Steven Doyle

A business that seems to have more fun than should legally be allowed, The Dallas Brew Bus has now enjoyed five years of continuous tours around local breweries, safely introducing thousands of hoppy customers to the burgeoning local beer scene.

To commemorate the auspicious occasion of the fifth year The Dallas Brew Bus will be visiting three breweries including Turning Point, 3 Nations, and Community Beer Co. Continue reading

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290 Update: Garrison Bros. Whiskey Tour


by Andrew Chalk

Going down to the Hill Country? Visiting Fredericksburg, Johnson City or Blanco? Make a spirited trip to Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye (along the 290 Wine Trail) where they make Texas Bourbon. I delayed a visit until last month. I can tell you, I should have gone earlier. The whole visitor experience at Garrison is superb. Not just the quality of the finished product, although that is crucial, but also all the organisational aspects of the tour. In fact, wine makers could use the Garrison tour as a template of how to do winery tours.

The experience starts on Garrison’s web site, where you reserve your $10 (per person) tour. Tours take place at set times two hours apart Wednesdays through Sundays. The site is straightforward and reliable. In fact, I upped my reservation from two people, to four, and then, a few days later, to six as more friends heard that we were doing it. Each time, the site found my earlier reservation and incremented the number of people, charging me only the additional cost. We kept one reservation number throughout. One thing to bear in mind, no refunds for cancellations.   Continue reading

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A Winos Guide To The U.S. 290 Wine Road – Caveat Emptor

10bottles_485x338by Andrew Chalk

You have toured Napa’s famed Highway 29, right? The wine trail where it takes 45 minutes to cross the road in the summer (such is the traffic)? Well, an attraction billing itself as the “#2 Wine Destination in America” is taking shape just south of Dallas. It is the “290 wine trail” or “Wine Road 290”.

The term “290 wine trail” is my own. The name refers to the stretch of U.S. 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City.

The term “Wine Road 290” is copyrighted and owned by a corporation with the following details:   Continue reading


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Announcing craveTOURS And A Huge Cinco de Mayo Bash

Cinco-de-Mayoby Steven Doyle

It is going to be one very busy and fun week at craveDFW, and we are about to make your weekend a little sweeter with the announcement of craveTOURS. This weekend we start our very first tour by celebrating Cinco de Mayo in high fashion aboard a luxury bus  bound for some super destinations where we will not only enjoy frosty margaritas, but some tasty Mexican fare, discover a bit about the holiday and Mexican culture, learn how to actually make the best tamale in Dallas from our friends at La Popular, and so much more.

Joining the team is food wunderkind Stacy Fawcett who does plenty of cooking at Channel 8 for various segments including Daybreak. Stacy is known for her super abilities in the kitchen, and knows her way around to some of the hottest spots in Dallas for dining and entertainment.    Continue reading


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Buzz Bike Boozing Around Dallas

buzz bikeby Steven Doyle

In the Netherlands it is called Het Fietscafe, but in Dallas you can just call it Buzz Bike. You will soon be seeing this mobile pub on wheels rolling about town, especially if you should be in the Uptown, Downtown, Arts District or anywhere near Victory Plaza – all approved by the City of Dallas.

Best friends Maribel and Gloria were on a trip to Houston, when all of a sudden they spotted the bike on the street and then, it just hit them. “We immediately looked at each other and without saying a word, we both instantly knew it’d be our next adventure… we would bring it to Dallas!” says Maribel. “By the time we arrived to dinner, we already had the name “The Buzz Bike.”    Continue reading

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Revolver Brewery Tour

revolverby Brian Wall

It’s not often that the planets line up, Karma comes around or that everything just lines up properly. This past Saturday tour day was one of those perfect happenings. When two very good friends were in town this past weekend, it seemed like a good opportunity to take one to a brewery tour while the other was duck hunting. As a typical weathered day in the Metro, traffic was horrid and I ran late getting to the hotel for the tour. The mighty hunter had finished and was on his way back with his spoils and we both decided to wait and have him go with us to the tour.

My first idea was to hit Fort Worth since the hotel was in Weatherford. Looking at the location though and the time frame of running late, it seemed that maybe getting late would not have been a good idea so the decision of a slightly closer and unvisited brewery came to fruition, that brewery being Revolver in Granbury. Time was still not looking great but I figured that we would get there at least an hour before the close and we would get a couple samples. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the brewery and found that not only were they extending their tour until four in the afternoon rather than three but we also happened to have arrived at the one year birthday party. While there was no cake for this party by the time we arrived, we did get a gift of five samples of great beer.   Continue reading

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Dallas BBQ Tour Was A Meaty Success

by Steven Doyle

Each weekend I lead several tours across Dallas searching for the perfect bites. Most weekends the tours are chocolate themed as they seem to be the most popular. Although I have been leading food tours for several years now in the Dallas area, the thought of doing these professionally, even on a part time basis, seemed odd at best. Were there really that many people willing to give up their Saturday or Sunday to check out a handful of unusual foodie spots around town?   Continue reading


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