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Touring Lakewood Brewing Company

lakewoodby Brian Wall

It’s a Saturday. You have the day off, no serious projects around the residence and there are no plans. Weather is not an issue. What to do? How about a brewery tour?! The biggest problem is what brewery to take a tour on a Saturday. This week the brewery tour happened in Garland. Lakewood Brewing Company opened in August 2012 and continues to brew some very impressive beers. The brewery itself has a nice lodge-like front area where the majority of the samples are poured. A very large table greets visitors and welcomes friendly discussion about almost anything. The main brew floor hosts live music and a secondary pouring station with two taps. In the back of the brewery, a food truck offered wares for those looking for a bite. Four samples were tasted on this tour for the entry fee of ten dollars and each beer was drank from a Belgian-style beer glass.

The first beer sampled was the anniversary beer, Lion’s Share I. This beer is a double IPA and gave a nice malty-citrus scent. Color was a light caramel and slightly cloudy. Foam was clinging on the top of the glass. The first sip gave a pleasant, sweet maltiness with very little hop bite. There was a strong flavor of alcohol but no alcohol burn or bite as one might expect. Being a double IPA, the alcohol can be expected. This beer does justice as the specialty for their anniversary.            Continue reading

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