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The Lodge For Dinner? Why Not!


by Steven Doyle

First allow me a moment to inform our readers that I love my job. I enjoy writing and rarely get any sort of block, I enjoy the feedback from everyone who enjoys the reports I file on the food and entertainment scene in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, and I especially enjoy the research that goes into the stories published here.  With that stated, you should know that I dispense the assignments for the handful of contributors you find on craveDFW. This is why when the thought of going to The Lodge, one of Dallas’ premier gentleman’s clubs, I was quick to allow myself the story.

When I go out to dine and take photographs I generally take people with me so we might order more dishes for a larger perspective of a menu. We were on our way to The Lodge last week when I asked my friend if he had ever been to the club and he said no. It was a few minutes later that he realized we were on our way to a men’s club. This made for interesting conversation to say the least.    Continue reading


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