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These Cookies Will Leave You Shooketh

National Cookie Day is coming up on Sunday, December 4. If you are planning a spotlight feature on America’s favorite sweet treat, I hope that you will consider including cookies from Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats. Owner, T’Juanna Winters uses a family recipe for Butter Cookies passed down for generations and tops each cookie with a warm butter glaze and various fruit toppings, so it ends up resembling a cobbler. T’Juanna call them Shookies, because you will be shooketh when you taste how incredibly delicious these cookies are. 

At Lizzie Lu Luxury Treat, they use the freshest ingredients and limitless imagination to create high-quality candies, cakes and cookies in flavor profiles, both traditional and imaginative, packaged to impress the receiver. The family recipes T’Juanna Winters uses have been passed down over the years and reimagined for new generations of fans to enjoy them.

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