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After the 100-year Freeze Texas Grape Growers Fight Back

andrew1by Andrew Chalk

Last year, late frosts in the Texas High Plains devastated the wine grape crop by around 90%. The event was so unusual that the U.S. Weather Service estimated that it was likely to happen less than once in every 100 years. How has the disaster affected grape growers views of the high plains as a grape growing area? Are they picking up sticks and planting other crops? I asked growers attending the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Annual Conference last week in Frisco.    Continue reading


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Red Caboose Winery and Vineyards: Discovering a Texas Iconoclast


by Andrew Chalk

At less than two hours drive from Dallas, Red Caboose Winery and Vineyards in Meridian, Texas is close to the big city. However, standing in the sixteen acres of vineyard, one could be miles from anywhere. Gary McKibben and his son Evan founded the winery in 2003 at this location because that is how they wanted it. Close to the city, but in the country (they were also concerned about Pierce’s Disease, and wanted to be north of Fredericksburg as a result). Evan handles the winemaking and Gary is a kind of cross between CEO and everything else.    Continue reading


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Capiaux Cellars And O’Shaugnessey Estate Wine Maker In Dallas

wineby Andrew Chalk

The following wine tasting features a top Sonoma and Central Coast California winemaker introducing his wines in person. It comes Crave Recommended.

Our press release machine, powered entirely by turnips that appreciate post-Impressionism, announces:

The Wine Poste is excited and delighted to be hosting Sean Capiaux, Proprietor and Winemaker for Capiaux Cellars Pinot Noir and Winemaker of the Cult Favorite O’Shaughnessey Estate Winery who will be here leading a wine tasting next Tuesday from 7-9pm.  Cost is $10 and we will be featuring his delicious Pinot Noirs listed below:    Continue reading


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