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TWGGA President’s Speech Replacement

Jim Backus as Bacchusby Andrew Chalk

This Wednesday, the Texas Wine and Grape Grower’s Association (TWGGA) meets in Austin to hold their ‘Legislative Forum’. It’s a meeting to discuss all things legislative relating to the Texas wine industry. By a remarkable coincidence, I had a dream the other night in which Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, appeared and proceeded to replace the TWGGA President’s opening address with a speech of his own. I reached into the back of his rental car and glimpsed this text.

“Fellow Texas grape growers and winemakers. This year, the Texas wine industry stands at a crossroads. We know that we have regions that can grow grapes as well as anywhere in the world. We know that we have viticulturalists as expert as those in other regions. We know that we can make world class wines from those grapes, witness the success of TWGGA member wineries  in the prestigious San Francisco International Wine Competition (a competition that is, in the view of many informed observers, the most competitive in the United States).        Continue reading


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Breaking News: Is Whole Foods Market Kicking California Wine Out Of The Texas Wine Section?

by Andrew Chalk

That is what Sabrina Houser has heard on “good authority”. She is with Dry Comal Creek Vineyards and Winery which I used as example when I wrote about non-Texas wine in the Texas wine section of a new Whole Foods Market in the Dallas area. If her source is correct, Whole Foods may be implementing a policy change whereby the Texas wine section will be populated only by Texas wines. California wine sold by Texas wineries will be moved elsewhere. This actually opens up the tantalising possibility of Whole Foods sourcing more Texas wines from more wineries (they could use the winners of our Viognier tasting or our Tempranillo tasting as a crib sheet to start off). Furthermore, it makes Whole Foods a leader in Truth In Labelling regarding Texas wines.  Continue reading


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Capiaux Cellars And O’Shaugnessey Estate Wine Maker In Dallas

wineby Andrew Chalk

The following wine tasting features a top Sonoma and Central Coast California winemaker introducing his wines in person. It comes Crave Recommended.

Our press release machine, powered entirely by turnips that appreciate post-Impressionism, announces:

The Wine Poste is excited and delighted to be hosting Sean Capiaux, Proprietor and Winemaker for Capiaux Cellars Pinot Noir and Winemaker of the Cult Favorite O’Shaughnessey Estate Winery who will be here leading a wine tasting next Tuesday from 7-9pm.  Cost is $10 and we will be featuring his delicious Pinot Noirs listed below:    Continue reading


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Make Go Texan Wine 100% Texan

go1by Andrew Chalk

After recently going into a Dallas wine store and finding a California wine displaying the Texas Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) legally protected ‘Go Texan’ mark on the front label I proposed that the TDA raise the standards for Go Texan wines to stipulate 75% of the grapes in the bottle come from Texas. I chose 75% because that is the minimum that the Federal (not state) rules require for a wine to use a designated place of origin. Continue reading


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