In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu

by Steven Doyle

Photos by Steven Doyle

As In-N-Out fever comes to a blistering heat even the staff at Crave is getting just a little excited about the new SoCal burger madness hitting Dallas. We thoroughly enjoyed reading about D Magazine’s ace photographer Kevin Marple’s journey to California last month as he battled through In-N-Out’s red tape to get a simple cover shot of a burger.  We saw Kevin this weekend and he said he would be happy to never see another one of their burgers again, but added they were pretty good.

Possibly one of the draws to the burger is their secret menu, or should we say “not-so-secret” menu. This is where you find the terms like double-double and animal-style, a homespun take on years of successful burger-making for the family run chain.

The secret menu thing isn’t exactly exclusive to In-N-Out, a phone call to a few fast food chains in our area netted more than a handful of secret items you can order today without having to wait or fly to Los Angeles.

Starbucks has their own tricky menu that will take a patient barista to get the order correct.  A London Fog is made by combining vanilla flavoring in Earl Gray Tea.  Order a Cake Batter Frap that combines a vanilla frappucino with almond flavoring.  A Black Eye at Starbucks is a regular drip coffee with two shots of espresso.

Wendy’s has a secret called the Grand Slam, which is a four-patty burger, and Popeye’s you can get your chicken strips ‘naked’ for a zero carb meal.

Sonic will make you a Philly Cheese steak using steak meat from their breakfast burrito on a regular coney bun.

At McDonald’s order a McGang Bang (sorry folks we just deliver the message).  This sandwich is the McDouble with their cheap chicken patty centered between the beef.

You can also get a Big Mac made with their quarter pound patties instead of their tiny burger patties. Add Big Mac sauce (Thousand Island dressing) to any fry order.

This is also the time of year when most McDonalds has the mint shakes, add half chocolate shake for a McLeprechaun.

At Maple & Motor they have an off-menu sandwich called the Clark Burger. This mammoth sandwich is a jacked up burger with fried baloney, chili, cheese and onion, fried egg on Texas toast. For an extra kick add grilled jalapenos.

Chipotle will make anything using what ingredients they have.  Figure out a special quesadilla or an order of nachos from something different.


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  1. mary

    The pic of in and out fries made me throw up in my mouth a little. Yuck!

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