In-N-Out Crowd Speaks Out

by Steven Doyle    

photos by Robert Bostick

The city went kooky yesterday as everyone was up in arms with two of the new In-N-Out burger locations opening their doors. We sent a reporter to be on the scene but he was mobbed — then rained on, almost as if Jesus was saying this was not a good thing and we should remember that whole flood issue back in the day. And it looked as if this was a page from that story as the plebs were lined up two-by-two for their chance at the burger-prize of the day.  

Not meaning to discount their experience, it might be exciting to recount the tales of camping out in the rain while awaiting the first chew of a fast food burger from SoCal, almost like saying you know where you were when Tupac was shot. Personally, I have had the burger on more than a few occasions, and they are not bad. I happen to like the whole thousand island dressing thing. I also can appreciate the lack of freezers and the dope fries that are limp due to the freshness of the potato. 

We did finally get a report back from the scene where mobs were thronging into the night. And we paid yet another visit today only to witness a similar crowd at the Allen location this afternoon.

We asked a few questions to a member of the crowd who had driven from Oklahoma to wait in line and might have be under a tad bit of Sheenfluence:

What makes this burger so special you are willing to wait hours for a small taste?

I never had it but they said it was good, and damn I like hamburgers.

You drove 3 hours to Dallas and are waiting 2-3 hours for a burger, would you drive 200 miles for barbecue in Lockhart?

That’s too far!

Whataburger is good, right?

I had that hamburger before and it’s good. I like Whoppers at Burger King, they taste like I make at home.

So you enjoy the whole warm mayonnaise thing?

They use mayo?

The In-N-Out burger is quasi-mayo base too.

I thought it was secret sauce like at McDonalds.

How long are you willing to wait for a burger you never tried before?

I think three hours is about right.

If I had a sack of burgers worth 10 bucks would you pay me 50 to have them?


I heard Hanna Raskin is here, would you like her autograph?

My kids used to like her TV show.

EDIT: Jazzy Jay “Cane Rosso” Jerrier lives very near the Allen location and said the line was snaked at least 100 long last night at 11:15pm.


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2 responses to “In-N-Out Crowd Speaks Out

  1. I was there yesterday morning at 6:30 just so I could get out of there asap (I figured it would get insane). I discovered that their burger is good, the “secret sauce” is straight-up thousand island, and there are some real crazies fans out there, most of them with 10+ In-N-Out t-shirts to prove it. All in all, good times.

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