Play Dead – Puts the Sexy in Zombie

by StealingKittyThe interesting group outside of Bows and Arrows caught this girl’s attention last Saturday Night. William Binnie and Tammy Coleman’s show  “Play Dead”  was opening,  featuring 23 Artists on Death and Dying. Can you say sexy zombie meets Joey Seeman’s canvas?

The piece that stood out was a large painted piece featuring a sexy bikini clad zombie on wood using acrylic  paint. The background is red, with  stenciled images, featuring roses and other flowers. The sexy lady is painted blue with a darker blue stencil on her body. All the sexy details of this piece continued to thrill and excite you as you stood captivated by the spell this sexy lady was placing you under. 

Going to any show where Joey Seeman is featured has proven to be an experience, and this was no exception. In comes this rock star personified artist complete with mirrored sunglasses and black skinny jeans. He is the rock n roll of art here in Dallas. Just as the crowd is swelling with excitement in walks in the model featured in Joey Seeman’s piece, Santa De La Muerte, Cristina Ariz, National Bikini Competitor. This is how it starts people, and where it ends you cannot even begin to imagine.

It is not only the buzz that occurs whenever Joey Seeman’s artwork hangs in the gallery, it is how unafraid this artist is to actually throw paint on a canvas and delight everyone that views it. You don’t have to think about what is it he is trying to say, what are you looking at, or what  you are supposed to feel; It smacks you in the face with colorful sexy and the feeling you get is always a good time. Who says happy endings have to be had in a dark room? Not this artist. He is out loud and unafraid of painting women, big, bright, sexy and blue. 

Joey Seeman and Cristina Ariz

Some pieces to note were Willie Burton’s oil on canvas of an owl and Brian Gibb’s wonderful pen and ink illustrations. For me, most of the collective shown was Dallas’s answer to modern art and fell flat. I would like to see Dallas artists pushing the envelope in the direction of breaking some new ground  rather than depending on the cleverness of minimal or kitschy modern art.

Play Dead May 7th – June 11th Twenty-three artists explore concepts of death and dying in a new exhibition at bows and arrows. Works by Willie Binnie, Zachary Broadhurst, Tamara Coleman, Brian Gibb, Sally Glass, Matthew Larkin, John Mitchell, Alicia & Adam Rico, Lizzy Wetzel, Billy Zinser, and more are included in the exhibition Play Dead.

StealingKitty is a regular contributor for Dallas Art News providing her unique voice on art and the artists who create in Dallas. She is a writer, muse and provacateur. Watch for more original StealingKitty content at craveDFW.


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