Taste of Addison in 2D

by Steven Doyle

As chance would have it I made my way to the one-bajillionth annual Taste of Addison which is filled with crazy good food and beverage options from all the Belt Line restaurants on that side of the loop. For those not willing to enjoy a fun day in the sun with a cooling beer or a pina colada served Gilligan style in a whole pineapple, as it seemed thousands did, we braved the beautiful Spring day and ate our way through the gentle masses snapping photos along the way.   

Although I do not think good food should be a contest (sorry Iron Chef Morimoto), there was an actual winner this day with chef Richard Chamberlain scoring the highest with his steakhouse grub. We are not sure if it was for his mammoth grilled chop that he serves each year or the new thinly slice Kobe beef wrap that made me run around in giddy-up fashion screaming to the beef gods thanks for all they do in that heavenly department.

Yea, there was a lot of bands and people selling cool things they spent all Winter making. There was even a cooling Mondavi wine event where they passed out free samples in the air conditioning. But we all know why I was there, and here are the photos:

 The Champ of Chops, chef Chamberlain at the grill. He’s smiling because he’s styling.

Beautiful Nutella crepe from the yet-to-be-opened Flipping Out in Addison. More on them later this week!

A chance for romace at the Colada Cooler. After this weekend the pineapple was placed on the endangered species list.
A guy named Chip eating freshly made chips.
We are told her full name is Princess Leia Organa Solo, but this weekend she was selling beer from the Magic Time Machine.
Chamberlain’s Fish Market cranked out some scary good fish tacos.

Kenny’s Italian Kitchen making some damned good meatball subs.

A Chuck Norris doppelganger in the midst.


 This guy was seen everywhere and had more fun than anyone.


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  1. This event was a lot of fun. Ed and I ate so much food we were more crossed-eyed than usual. I have definately expanded my list of local restaurant faves. I can’t wait for Flipping Out to open. Their chicken crepe was awesome!

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