What is DFW’s Top Burger?

by Steven Doyle

photos by Robert Bostick

According to their Facebook fan page Bon Appetite has been in search of great burgers across the United States, and Dallas is steeped up in great burgers.  Editorial intern Kary Allen stopped in to Dallas and was directed to Snuffers where she had this to say about her burger, “It’s a mouth-in-your-mouth experience with juicy beef, melted swiss, a toasted bun, and deliciously spicy green chile. Pair it with the classic cheddar bacon fries and you are in Texas heaven.”

Texas Heaven?  

Some months back craveDFW conducted a burger tour of Dallas and landed at some mighty-fine burger establishments in Big D.  We tackled the Maple & Motor, Restaurant Ava, Boots Burger (hidden find in Rockwall sold out of a house since 1968), Wingfields in Oak Cliff (great burger, worst website), and of course the Texas Monthly pick of the best burger in the entire state of Texas – The Grape.

There are many great burgers in the area, and more on their way almost monthly. Southern California’s  In-N-Out certainly feels strongly about Dallas and has been setting up locations across the city like dominos.

Now its your turn to speak, what’s your favorite burger, Dallas?  Whichever burger in DFW gets the most mentions here will get a People’s Choice Award from craveDFW, and one lucky random commenter will be able to have lunch on us at the winning restaurant.

Wonder if the Bon Appetite intern knows that Pat Snuffer invented those cheese fries she went on about?


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45 responses to “What is DFW’s Top Burger?

  1. Adam

    Maple and Motor is just evil. Those burgers should be illegal for how good they taste.

  2. Marc

    Square Burger in McKinney with out a doubt.

  3. SG

    Kenny’s – Woodfire Grill or Burger Joint

  4. You have listed quite a few of my favorites above. Angry Dog seems to be missing, but that’s an easy pick… For a more obscure pick, I give you The Landmark Hamburger at Vickery Park. One substitution I made was to change out the Dijon & Ketchup, for their basil mayo… In an effort to make a “better bad choice” I chose the side salad in lieu of fries. As goofy as it sounds, that was a perfect choice… That is the best side salad I ever had…maybe the stars aligned perfectly for me that night, but it was a truly memorable dining experience… I need to get back over there soon to see if I can relive the bliss…

  5. Cindy Freeling

    From the limited amount of burgers I’ve had in Dallas,Bolsa is at the top of the list for me.’Hold the bun.please’

  6. Ron

    Any list for DFW that doesn’t include Fred’s in Fort Worth is not right! Come over to the other side of town for an amazing burger.

  7. Sean

    My vote is for Griff’s in Irving or Myrtle’s in Burleson.

  8. sroinuj

    Lakewood 1st and 10

  9. Rob

    I love seeing 8 comments and 8 different burgers. This town has alot of great burgers.

  10. My favorite, even above some of the others mentioned, is the OMG Burger at Whiskey Cake in Plano. The brisket patty and the mushrooms-cupped-by-a-giant-onion-ring topper is a thing of beauty. Transcendentally scrumptious.

  11. Gene gates

    Mercury Grill is my vote!
    Juicy burger, crisp, thin fries

  12. Greg

    The Loon

  13. unclekrud

    Dairy-Ette. Bonus points for their home-made root beer.

  14. Christian S

    Fred’s in Ft. Worth.

  15. Andrea

    The “OMG” Burger from Whiskey Cake (Tollway & Parker) is to die for! You’ve NEVER had a burger until you’ve had this one!

  16. the burger at the belmont bar from the smoke boys

  17. Aimee

    The OMG BUrger at Whiskey Cake is the BEST!

  18. So far we have Fred’s vs Whiskey Cake. Staying neutral since this is the Peoples Choice, but I also find it great that there are almost as many nominations as there are comments. Means we are doing something right in Dallas.

  19. Lunch happy

    Maple Motor is my vote.

  20. Liz

    Fast food: Jake’s (the #1)
    Bar: The Old Monk (the sliders with Welsh Rarebit and sauteed onions served with the skinny fries and spicy mayo is a great thing with a few pints)
    Upscale: Bolsa

  21. BH

    My vote is for Square Burger!!!

  22. Boccioni

    The Magic at the Commissary is the perfect burger! Gotta go with the english muffin to soak up the juices. Where else can you have a great burger and a glass of Turley Zin?

  23. Don Stephens

    I live for a Maple Motor burger.

  24. I love J Chastain’s Homestyle Burger at 2nd Floor Bistro and Bar – and his skinny herbed fries are perfect with it.

  25. Andrea Meyer

    OMG burger at Whiskey Cake – BY FAR!

  26. I love the burger at Bolsa. Fantastic!

  27. And Adairs. First really good burger I ever had. Of course, that was a few years back… maybe more than a few.

  28. Katie E

    Fort Worth I like Love Shack. Dallas I would go with Maple and Motor. Eff In-Out

  29. slade

    Maple & Motor Cheeseburger & the Tail End Burger at The Commissary

  30. Matt

    Maple and motor, I honestly don’t know how people think anything I better.

  31. I haven’t tried all of the ones mentioned, but some of that has to do with the fact that I keep going back to the O.M.G. burger at Whiskey Cake. Incredibly Delicious!

  32. Baboo


  33. MK Turner

    1 more for maple n motor. I dont care for a pretentious burger and they make them like I had in west Texas growing up.

  34. I’m always seeking and ranking the best burgers in Dallas! I highlighted my Dallas burger rankings in this article—http://ow.ly/5rIqw

  35. Homer

    Did you just spam Crave? I put my vote in for 5 Guys

  36. Arthur

    Go North, Square Burger!

  37. j.g.

    OMG @ WC

  38. Cock and Bull in Lakewood is the most consistent Best Burger in Dallas!!

  39. I think that Cafe Pacific has a great burger.. seriously. not just because I love the place but “just give it a try”…. reasonable and very very good..

  40. Marnie

    Square Burger and if I don’t feel like beef, the tuna burger is awsome!

  41. Redfork has an amazing burger too.

  42. Thank you for all the heads up on great burgers in our area! The People have spoken.

  43. Dutch’s burgers!! They have the best veggie burger, too.

  44. Angry Dog in Deep Ellum. Period! 🙂

  45. Justin

    Maple & Motor – grilled fresh japs/bacon/cheese- doesn’t get much better than that!

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