Sharon Hage at Cafe Momentum

by Steven Doyle

Last evening Garden Café played host venue for the latest edition of Café Momentum, the pop-up dinner series that is assisting the financing of the Momentum project and serves as a culinary training facility for disadvantaged youth.

As we have reported in the past, Café Momentum will eventually find a home in the Dallas area as a non-profit restaurant that will over a year train in all aspects of restaurant service, giving the employees a head start to a career.  

Sharon Hage and Brooks Anderson

Café Momentum is the brain child of Janice Provost and Chad Houser of Parigi, and is similar in pattern to other non-profit restaurants like FareStart in Seattle that over 18 years has provided opportunities for over 3,500 people and Café Reconcile in New Orleans that trains, hires and inspires students seeking to acquire skills in the food service industry.

The August rendition of Café Momentum’s pop-up was served by chef Sharon Hage and was sold out in record time. Ten seats were saved to provide a special auction that was held via Facebook and raised an additional $1600. Wine pairings were provided by Veritas  for the bid winners who enjoyed the following dishes created by chef Hage.

Chilled Pecos melon soup with serrano chiles and marigold mint. A refreshing start to the meal after coming in from the 110 degree heat.

Gulf lump crab (provided by TJ’s Seafood Market) and cucumber salad over cashew spiced green green beans.

Market ratatouille, crushed Neal’s Farm egg on toast with Caprino Royale chevre aioli.

Burgundy Pastures whey fed pork on Texas onion soubise and bacon arugula.

Texas Reisling cake, sweet stone fruits and a buttermilk chantilly.


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4 responses to “Sharon Hage at Cafe Momentum

  1. cheers to Chefs Janice and Sharon for their great work for a great cause.

  2. Steve,
    Great to see you last night. It was another wonderful Cafe Momentum dinner (3 out of 3 so far).

  3. What is going on with Sharon Hage these days? Will we see another restaurant in her future??

    • I have asked her just that recently and she says that she is just enjoying life right now. I have spotted her at many private and charity events as of late, so her toe is in the waters still.

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