Step Up To DFW Food Challenges

by Steven Doyle

You’ve seen Adam Richman take on piles of chicken fried steaks, burgers, ghost pepper laden wings and so much more. The man is an eating machine that can’t stop. The Travel Channel star is taking his show to another level by inviting his viewers (you know you watch) to go into competition with this master of gluttony.

To get on the show Man v. Food Nation might take a little bit of P.T. Barnum know-how and the ability to shovel in your pie hole a whole lot of pie. Richman was recently in Dallas with his one man circus filming a few challenges the program created, but there are plenty of agonizing challenges in DFW without making them up for television.

Need some help with ideas on what to tackle in the DFW area? Crave came up with a few that you can enjoy after the jump:  

Pluckers Wing Bar This Austin based wing emporium has a simple eating challenge. Chow down 25 of their hottest wings and you nab a t-shirt and a place on their wall of fame. Sounds simple enough, except these are the hot habanera wings that will choke your chicken. Best advice is to go on a Monday where it is all-you-can-eat wing night for a mere $14.99. Locations locally on Greenville Avenue and in Grapevine.

Rooster Roadhouse in Denton has not one but two challenges to get your name on a wall of fame and the obligatory free shirt. The first challenge is to scarf 18 beef sliders replete with onion and jalapeno plus a pound of bacon cheese fries all with in 30 minutes or less and your tab is taken care of by the management. Nice way to save $29.95.

Rooster’s second challenge requires signing a waiver and you must be over 18. This single slider is doused with ghost peppers and is for only the strong-willed with titanium bellies. The challenge is simple, eat more than the last person who won. The record stands at 8 in 16 minutes.

Sounds simple enough, except these are the hot habanera wings that will choke your chicken.

Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco offers El Jefe, a 7-pound burger laced with French fries, chili, a half pound of bacon, white queso, mayonnaise and pickled jalapenos. The burger is $50.00 but free if you finish the complete mammoth burger in one hour or less. Kenny also will offer you a $100 gift card for a return trip and emblazon your name on the wall for all to witness.

Chef Kenny Bowers Wants You To Eat His Meat

Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth has stepped up with a challenge that will be difficult even on the Richman scale of feats. The diner will create a 4-pound chicken fried steak that is served with 6-pounds of mashed potatoes and gravy and 10 slices of Texas toast. They also throw in a garden salad that is big enough to feed a large family. The $70.00 and 10,000 calorie meal is free if you can finish, but to date there have been no winners for tackling the Full-O-Bull Platter at Cowtown.

Frankies Sports Bar and Grill in Dallas has what they lovingly term as the Double Sumo Burger challenge. This burger has two patties totaling 44 ounces of beef, 8-ounces of cheese, an entire load of the usual veggies all served with a full pound of French fries for an entire weight of 5-pounds. The trick with the Double Sumo is that you only have 30 minutes to whale this one in your belly for it to be free. Finish in one hour you get the t-shirt, a commemorative photo and your name on their silly wall. We will add that Frankies has a damned good burger.

Know any other challenges you wish to share?


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  1. The Annual Brass Knuckle Corn Dog Beatdown every 4th of July at The Libertine. Fun, family friendly, and only takes 15 minutes.

  2. We have a HellFire Wing Challenge at peacock Elite in Plano. How can we publish it?

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