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Big Tex Is Ready For The Texas State Fair

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

Big Tex moseyed on over to his perch at the Texas State Fair. His favorite spot is just in front of the Fletcher’s Corny Dog Stand where he stares down that the hundreds of thousands of people slop up their meat sticks with copious amounts of mustard.   Continue reading

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Texas State Fair Announces Finalists In Fried Food Competition

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Just when you thought you had your arteries cleared from last year’s Texas State Fair, along with all the fried bubblegum you devoured, Big Tex is back and is setting up the competition once again at the media only event this coming Monday morning.

Abel Gonzalez has readied his latest fried concoction, and this year the multi-year winner is hedging on his fried Jambalaya. Read about all the entries for the 2012 State Fair below, and watch Monday morning for photos and a full report on this year’s winners. The following descriptions are from the contestants themselves.        Continue reading

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Last Week For a Fletcher’s Corny Dog!

by Steven Doyle

As the Texas State Fair continues in its final full week we felt it time to actually try a few Fair staples and venture out onto the Midway with a loosened belt. No visit to the Fair is complete without a visit to Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. We searched around for Gregory True, the manager of the large Fletcher stand that sits perched next to Big Tex, but we were told the 18 year veteran of the Fair was hospitalized and missed the Fair this year.     Continue reading


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Pie Judges Make Better Lovers

by Steven Doyle

One of the best jobs going at the fair this year (besides the voice of Big Tex) is without a doubt that of the food judge. These are the people that come in each week to review the large variety of cakes, pies, candy and a whole host of categories.

Sure, there are a few oddball categories like Jello molds and Spam bake-offs, but without a doubt happy are the ones judging the pies.         Continue reading

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam at the Fair

by Steven Doyle

With the first full weekend of the Texas State Fair behind us today brings a bit of whimsy in the Creative Arts Building as we celebrate everything made with Spam.  Considered by most one the more unusual and most exciting food events at the Fair outside the traditional pie contest.

We stopped by this morning to visit the Spammers as they rolled out a large variety of Spam dishes, including an Eggs Benedict, tacos and a whole host of pastries.   Continue reading

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Vegan Girl Gets an Exclusive Look at VSPOT Cafe

by Melissa Brenner

Anyone trafficking the strip of restaurants and bars on Henderson has noticed the increasing activity in the space next to The Pearl Cup. VSPOT Café is now clearly marked on the windows, but not much more about the much anticipated restaurant was known until now.

I sat down with the Chef Toria Villareal to get the real story on what VSPOT Café is all about. VSPOT Café has a projected opening date of October 17th. The menu will be all vegan, but the emphasis will be on health. Sadly, we know a lot of the vegan fare in Dallas is not all that healthy. VSPOT plans to change that and give us all the tasty yet healthy vegan eats we can handle.    Continue reading


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