Whachu Tacobot Willis? Good2Go

by Danielle Leahy    photos by Jacque Manaugh

Can tacos be Artisan? This question has been rattling around my taco-ladened brain since the Tacobots invaded

Good2Go a few weekends ago. What is above gourmet in the Taco World? How does one classify a taco that goes so far beyond what many consider “specialty” or “restaurant” tacos? Cause whatever that would be is what Good2Go is. Next level stuff. Tacos made by the hands of God a delivered down to mere mortals upon baskets of plastic and aluminum foil.  

Any good Taco aficionado in Dallas should have heard about Good2Go by now.

Located off Peavy road currently, having gotten it’s start in the Green Spot Fuel Station, Good2Go is known as much for it’s unusual tacos as it’s operating hours (they close a 3pm, so no dinner tacos for you!). With Yelpers and professional food critics alike singing their praises this is one Dallas Taco Spot you should put on your personal taco tour.

Good2Go owners Colleen O’Hare and Jeana Johnson make unique, original, and slightly wacky taco combinations. You will not find these tacos on anyone else’s menu. They say all geniuses are a little loco and with recipes such as the HotLanta (waffle battered chicken taco with sugar dusted sweet potatoes) and the SoCo (breakfast sausage, eggs, cheese, biscuits and gravy) who couldn’t use a little more crazy in their diet?

Not only are the ingredients and combinations top notch but theses suckers are monstrous. So large, in fact, it has recently become a poll/debate question on their Facebook page. Should the Good2Go tacos be smaller? Because these tacos are too big for two. I barely made it thru one. I think the general consensus ended up being for them to leave the taco and prices as they are but incorporate some kind of 3 taco plate option where you can choose a plate of smaller tacos at a set price or the regular once as listed.

The Tacobots arrived exactly in between their morning and lunch rushes on Saturday and saw the line snake outside the door and into the parking-lot on at least 3 occasions during our stay. And while the wait in line could not be considered “fast” or “quick paced” it was mostly assuredly decided to be well worth it and the huge wall of bottled drinks displaying an enormous selection of teas, sodas, bottled and flavored waters, and juices was a welcome distraction. I found more specialty and organic teas I wanted to try in those 10-15 minutes than I though possible.

A separate coffee bar located across from the main register offered a variety of espresso bar drinks in hot and iced. My iced coffee was the kind of blow you eye lids back strong (even with all the ice cubes) that found me retreating quickly back to the condiment bar for a second helping of cream and sugar. Now THAT’S how a good cup of coffee should be, something that can really get your engines revving in the morning. I felt ready to conquer the world afterwards.

Now on to the tacos. All jokes aside these tacos are something special. Delicious and unusual combinations, enormous helpings, and top quality ingredients. The Paris Texas Taco boasts some of the beast steak I’ve ever had on a taco or sandwich of any kind. Add the spinach, potatoes, and cheese with Hollandaise sauce on top and you get one of the best steak tacos a person could ask for. AshleyBot quickly let us in on her secret of eating as much as you can normally then proceeding to finish off just the topping with a fork…seriously almost no one could finish one of these suckers.

I joked that I would get the custom order next time of a steak taco with steak, steak, steak added. Other big hits with Tacobots were the Swine Blue (pork, cabbage, and blue cheese) and the Jerk Chicken (coconut rice FTW!) but nothing compared in my mind to the Ranchhand. I modified it to include chorizo, cheddar cheese, egg, pico, beans, and crunchy tortilla strips. If you love chorizo breakfast tacos the Ranchhand and the Hangover Helper (chorizo, smashed potatoes, and cheese) are for you! Their chorizo is spicy, tasty, flavourful and moist without being the kind of over the top greasy that so often defines it. Also notably missing were the weird white chewy pieces so often found in lower quality chorizo.

And while seating is on the low side for the line they command on the weekends we found most people came expecting to take theirs to-go. We scored two large tables right in the middle without a problem. And the often time cited complaint of Good2Go not serving alcohol has also found a solution when the spot next door opens in the Spring as Goodfriend, a bar and artisan beer garden courtesy Vickery Park owner Matt Tobin, and will serve organic food, sandwiches, and grass fed burgers from the lovely ladies behind the Good2Go menu.

With beer and tacos located so close to one another I’m not sure Heaven isn’t a place on Earth off Peavy Road.

Want to join Tacobots or have a great idea for our next Meetup? Check out our group on Facebook or email me at tacobotsdfw@gmail.com

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