Addison Oktoberfest 2011 Fun and Frivolity

by Steven Doyle

Another wild and wooly Addison Oktoberfest  has come and gone. This is by far one of our top festivals in Dallas, and who could blame us? Beer, Viele shone Frauen, and plenty of food to choose from – most all is pretty damned good.

With a busy schedule this weekend we checked out the festivities on Friday evening, and lucky call on our part. This is when one of our favorite bands were playing, Brave Combo. No Oktoberfest is complete with at least one gallon of beer and a chicken dance, right?     

One of the better, and less crowded methods of enjoying the evening is by securing Brau Haus reservations which cost $45, and include reserved seating, souvenir stein, Spaten giveaways, free admission to Oktoberfest and of  a 3-course meal with several choices of entrees. The view from the Brau Haus is the best in the tent and gives you plenty of rolling around space. Plus you have full access all day, so you can rest up and enjoy even more beer without fighting the crowd.

Here are a few highlights we enjoyed…

The starter course on the Brau Haus menu

The chicken was prettier than the Schnitzel

Brave Combo lovin’

We were told the clarinet was cool in grade school, we had no idea

More tasty treats

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