Wachu Tacobot Willis? Lee Harvey’s

By Daniele Leahy       photos by Jacque Manaugh

What is better than good tacos you might ask? How’s this: CHEAP good tacos. Well they don’t come much cheaper than $1 so the next time a case of the Mondays rears it’s ugly head might I suggest making a bee-line to Lee Harvey’s for the chance to eat and drink your sorrows away.   

Lee Harvey’s has long been one of Dallas’ favorite Dive Bars. The dog friendly patio area, dingy interior lighting and vintage beer signs, let alone it’s infamous history makes for the perfect environment to nurse a cold one or kick back and party with a large group of friends outside by the fire pits.

Please don’t let their dive bar looks fool you, their menu is anything but low quality. Aside from having some of the best burgers around (seriously the burgers are crazy good) they also have a great selection of pannini sandwiches, salads and quesadillas. Many of these items are vegetarian friendly.

Monday also sweeps in their best drink special of the week with Happy Hour prices all night long with $2.50 Domestics and $2.50 Wells. For under $10 you can get quite a few tacos and drinks to help get the week going right again.

The taco come in two flavors, fish and steak. Both are served on small corn tortillas with tons of fresh cilantro and onions. The fish tacos are light, with a nice crispy exterior from the grill served with a fresh, crunchy cabbage for texture. Add the pickled jalapenos and a spicy chipotle mayo for quite a kick. The steak tacos are well seasoned and cooked just right without all the chewiness you associate with most steak street tacos. While these tacos are aren’t the largest, the price leaves you nothing to complain about.

Next Monday grab 20 of your closest friends and co-workers (cause there is always room for one more on this patio) and head over to Lee Harvey’’s. Just don’t forget to turn in those TPS reports.

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  1. The first picture with the dog is priceless, can easy guess whats on its mind. Nice post, congrats.

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