A Look At La Fiorentina’s New Menu

Wild Mushroom Capellacci, trumpet mushrooms, Portobello & white wine cream sauce with plenty of white truffles

by Steven Doyle

Last week I learned that La Fiorentina, the beautiful restaurant on Cole in Dallas had released a new menu  with much lower prices. I eagerly wanted to check out the new menu and last night had a chance to stop in with a group of friends to see what sort of changes had transpired.

Walking in a bit before the rest of the group I was taken aback when I spotted new general manager, Alessio Franceschetti, who had previously been at the newly opened Zio Cecio just weeks earlier. Greeted by Franceschetti, he said that the more comfortable style at la Fiorentia was more suited to his personality. As the night would progress I thought to myself how true that statement really was.   

Prosecco Poached Blue Point Oysters

Zio is a wonderful Italian restaurant, but the energy level is much higher. By design la Fiorentina is a bit more elegant with fawning service.

Settling in we also spotted another familiar face, chef Ben Ackland, who had been in Dallas just over a year ago working with the crew at The Common Table  preparing their menu for the grand opening. Ackland has previously been at The Ivy  in London, but more recently at Loft 610 in Omaha. This undoubtedly is the reason Ackland was working with The Common Table, both are owned by Twomey Concepts.

Seared Ahi Tuna, tomato-basil tartare, shaved fennel, basil oil

With all the ‘aha’ moments set aside we all decided it was time to order and we were pleasantly informed that la Fiorentina was celebrating white truffles all month, so many of the items we ordered were super-charged with the fragrant fungus. Aha!

Grilled Pork Chop white bean puree, trumpet mushrooms, poached egg yolk & truffle

Scanning the menu we all noted the prices had dropped by $8 to $10 each item. This would make a huge noticeable change at check-out time.

Another change we were pleased with was how strong the pasta dishes were, especially in their simplicity. The Wild Mushroom Capellacci pictured above is an ideal example of these pastas, and the addition of white truffle this month makes the dish stand out even more.

We also shared the house specialty, the 28-oz Bistecca Alla Fiorentina which is plated table-side. The giant haunch of beef is an extra thick Porterhouse, wood roasted with Italian herbs. We noticed a $16 price cut on this item.

We truly enjoyed our evening at the freshened la Fiorentina and look forward to another visit soon. The more casual, yet sophisticated feel will surely appeal to many this holiday season.



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