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Gilt City Dinner at the Mansion

by Steven Doyle

In March of 2010 Brooke Hortenstine, editor-at-large for local Paper City, did a clever piece with Mansion Restaurant executive chef Bruno Davaillon and cooked together for a day. This past weekend they reprised their kitchen tête-à-tête for Gilt City Dallas  and prepared a special dinner for a handful of people that virtually sold out in minutes.

As a last minute invited guest I was at once grinning and excited to see what the duo of Davaillon and Hortenstine might prepare. The menu was not created until the day before the event.

Stick with me on this, you have a chance to win a very special prize at the end of this read. Continue reading


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A Look At La Fiorentina’s New Menu

Wild Mushroom Capellacci, trumpet mushrooms, Portobello & white wine cream sauce with plenty of white truffles

by Steven Doyle

Last week I learned that La Fiorentina, the beautiful restaurant on Cole in Dallas had released a new menu  with much lower prices. I eagerly wanted to check out the new menu and last night had a chance to stop in with a group of friends to see what sort of changes had transpired.

Walking in a bit before the rest of the group I was taken aback when I spotted new general manager, Alessio Franceschetti, who had previously been at the newly opened Zio Cecio just weeks earlier. Greeted by Franceschetti, he said that the more comfortable style at la Fiorentia was more suited to his personality. As the night would progress I thought to myself how true that statement really was.    Continue reading


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Make-A-Wish Truffle Dinner

by Steven Doyle

Last evening we were invited guests at a very special white truffle dinner hosted by the Make-a-Wish Foundation at La Fiorentina. The night promised a magical meal prepared by the chefs at the Lombardi family restaurant, but the evening was more about children that could not be with us that evening.

You are no doubt familiar with the legendary organization, Make-a-Wish. Over the years they have fulfilled thousands of dreams (215,139 to date) of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Each wish costs an average of $7,000 and last night they raised at least that much in a live auction, proceeds from the dinner, and a very generous donation by the Lombardi family.   Continue reading

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