Fearing at Cane Rosso Tonight

by Steven Doyle        photo by Joy Jangles

Looking for dinner tonight? Check out Il Cane Rosso who is hosting chef Dean Fearing for their latest edition of Industry Night. As usual, there will be buck PBR’s to go with this highfalutin’ pizza Fearing is conjuring up for the crowd.  Check back tomorrow for all the photos and a debriefing. Jump for the menu, it sounds incredible. 

Chef Fearing’s Smoked Pork Ragu, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Pecorino, Fresh Mozzarella, finished with Fried Capers

Barbecue Shrimp, Sonny Bryan’s BBQ Sauce, Pepper Jack Cheese, Finished with Pickled Red Onion Mango Cole Slaw tossed with a smoky citrus vinaigrette

Buffalo Tenderloin, Smoky Chile Aioli, Sriracha, Jack Cheese, Point Reyes Blue Cheese, Finished with Pico de Gallo

We suggest you go early.

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One response to “Fearing at Cane Rosso Tonight

  1. Nylund

    Will Fearing’s pizzas be the same soggy excuse for pizza Napoletana that Cane Rosso usually produces? Seriously…I don’t understand why that place gets so much love for such a soggy wreck of a pizza. Fresh toppings, blah blah blah, but none of that matters at all when the pizza is a sad soggy mess.

    Seriously!? I don’t understand all the love for this place! My fiance thinks that either people don’t KNOW that it should be crispy but tender, or that they’ve just never been to a place that actually does it well. She read some review where it was actually implies that it’s SUPPOSED to be soggy. That’s like saying that good Texas BBQ is supposed to be hard, dry, and flavorless.

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