North Haven Gardens for Holiday Gifts and Classes

by Steven Doyle

North Haven Gardens  just released their class schedule for the new year. Check out their web site for all the details, but the classes are mostly free.

One of the classes that looked especially enticing was the Sustainable & Heat Hardy which is a series of programs featuring NHG and local experts discussing how you can garden with less water and follow your city’s water guidelines. By planting the right plants, learning to water and set your irrigation system properly, you will be using your resources efficiently and save money.  

On January 21st at noon they will hold a backyard chicken sale starting at noon until they sell out. If you miss this one there is another such sale in February.

Many of the classes listed are free and only 20 minutes long, making these extremely simple for the whole family.

Pursuing the web site we also saw that they are now selling bulbs and are offering gift cards as a reward for early purchasing. Can you say re-gifting? Speaking of which, we saw plenty of items that would make for great gifts and the best part of it all – no lines this time of year.


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