Deep Ellum Brewing Company Officially Open for Business

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

This past weekend Deep Ellum Brewing Company  officially opened their doors to the public by hosting a party on Saturday with live music and plenty of beer on hand to sooth the thirsty crowd. For the price of $10 about 300 beer fans showed up to sample a few of the beers Brew Master Drew Huerter had planned including the holiday beer, Festivus, which is a dark IPA with a very smooth finish.

Other beers sampled included the Farmhouse Wit and the popular Double Stout that is on hand at many pubs around town including the Anvil Pub, Common Table and in Plano, Holy Grail. The Farmhouse Wit was the first keg to officially float.      

“We plan on hosting two tours a week. Definitely each Saturday, and probably either Tuesday or Wednesdays. Through the winter not as much as we begin working on a beer garden in the back of the brewery,’ said one of the owners John Reardon.

In addition to the beer garden there are taps located next to the giant cooler that holds the filled kegs of beer ready for distribution. Also in the office near the street at the front of the building the brewers are building a bar to host smaller parties. This is where they will have meetings to decide on future beers, discuss other brewery business, and to hoist a few pints.

Speaking of new beers, the new IPA will be in the tanks this week along with Darkest Hour and a few surprises that Drew has planned. Ask for Festivus now at your favorite local brew pub. There are no immediate plans to bottle the beer, but there is room for expansion in the building and this space will be used for bottling.

Special thanks to Anvil Pub for allowing us to photograph in the bar.


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