Occupy North Pole at Santa Rampage

by Steven Doyle   photo by Christi Beard

One of our contributors and photographers Christi Beard was on the scene at this past weekend’s Santa Rampage, the combination pub crawl and Santa flash mob event that started at Lee Harvey’s and made its way slowly through out the day to Deep Ellum.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is the protestor, and Rampage had their share of them. SWAT Santa made sure the crowd of Occupy North Pole protesters didn’t get out of hand by using a preemptive candy cane scented pepper spray on them to maintain crowd control and presumably to hoard more cookies for himself.



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2 responses to “Occupy North Pole at Santa Rampage

  1. I kept running across the Santa Rampage folks while I was doing the Unsilent Night thing in Downtown that night. It sure looked like a blast – have to look into it next year.

  2. Jonathan

    Hey look! That’s me as SWAT Santa! And that’s a can of compressed air (aka keyboard cleaner). The size and the red/white coloring made it a perfect match. See you again this year! HO HO HO

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