Sea Breeze Open For Biz After Remodel

by Steven Doyle

One numerous occasions we have chimed the praises of the unique fish market in Plano, Sea Breeze. This is one location in the Dallas area we can score a really nice lobster roll and take home a few pounds of shrimp or fresh fish.

Today fishmonger Rick Oruch sends word that he is alive and well after a nifty remodel, and that he is also offering whole belly clams. He will make them several ways, in a roll or as a full-on fried clam plate with all the accoutrements.  

“We have a strong customer base of seafood lovers originally from New England who have since moved to North Texas,” notes Oruch. “While they often come in to enjoy our clam chowder or other New England specialties, whole belly clams are very popular, and are not available anywhere else in the region.”

I guess they do have more than just kick ass lobster rolls at Sea Breeze.

EDIT: As a reader points out, the whole belly clams will only be available the weekend of the 19th. Go get ’em.

Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill
4017 Preston Road, Plano,
(972) 473-2722


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2 responses to “Sea Breeze Open For Biz After Remodel

  1. Sea Breeze is great – they get fish from the right places. Wherever you get it, try to eat 2-3 svgs of fresh fish every week.

  2. Kelly Hunter

    The whole belly clams are awesome, but they are only available the weekend of January 19th as a special!

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