We Crave Social 121

by Katie Minchew

Expecting great things, I arrived to meet some friends at Social 121  with a growl in my stomach. Executive Chef Jason Skinner did not disappoint and I was immediately impressed by the cool, loft-like atmosphere. Social 121 is the kind of place with music that commands you to walk and tap your foot to its upbeat rhythm, yet soothes you with the blue water-themed ambiance. Colorful paintings by Chad Chadwick line the pink brick walls, and a ceiling-high wine cellar poses as a unique centerpiece to the massive dining area.                    

Although the first dish (curried crab cakes, aka Southwestern Crab Cakes) was one that came back to haunt you hours later, the rest of the lineup more than made up for it. Dish after dish became my new favorite. I felt like a kid, changing my loyalties with each new colorful presentation.

Crispy Duck Wontons gave a delightful crunch that led to a savory treasure trove of garlic, sweet potatoes, and scallions, lightly drizzled with a ginger plum sauce. The tender pork belly was glazed and toasted with a bourbon sauce and placed neatly in a clean line of butternut squash puree below a mountain of apple and fennel slaw. Never had I tasted anything so delicious.

Favorites among the rest of the group ranged from the Makers Mark Bourbon Pork Chop to the Texas Red Fish. We were also able to taste a few soon to be added menu items including the indescribable Pan Seared Sea Scallops with House Made Ravioli finished in a champagne beurre blanc. My mouth fell in love.

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite, desserts were delivered. We sampled a lovely White Chocolate Bread Pudding garnished with anglaise, caramel and fried plantains, the Pumpkin Roulade–very seasonal, and a tasty Crème Brulee dish. But if you are only going to order one, my money would go to the Chocolate Love Cake. Devil’s food cake, ganache, and caramel served with house made coffee ice cream. You can’t go wrong with that.

Social 121 is not just a restaurant, although food is their first priority. On the weekends at 10:00pm, the tables and chairs are pushed aside, music cranked up, a line forms out their door, and “club” Social 121 is born. They offer a quiet room for wine tastings, provide bottle service if you make a reservation, and have ample cushion lined lounge areas to enjoy a drink with friends.

Whether you are interested in a luxurious dinner or an evening out, Social 121 has something to offer you. Take the 121 exit soon–you are sure to be impressed.

Social 121
5760 State Highway 121, Plano
(972) 337-2500


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  2. I’ll have to try this place! Sounds like a good time with friends and great food! Thanks for the tip!

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