Celebrate a Year of Cravings With Us

by Steven Doyle

It feels like we have been doing craveDFW for a decade, but in actuality it has been just over a single year. Collectively we have blasted through more plates of foie, hot dogs, house-made pasta and every imaginable sea critter than you could imagine. It has also been one exciting year for us all.    

To celebrate we have been invited as a group to check out the new digs at Standard Pour March 27, 2012. This is days before the official opening which should be April 1. Here we will have a few complimentary cocktails that Brian McCullough has conjured up, plus sample some of the fare from the Standard Pour’s “Cravings Kitchen” they will be passing around.

It only seems appropriate that we celebrate our anniversary like this, and you will be the first in Dallas to get a taste of the new lounge.

Standard Pour is owned by La Reve Consultants, the same people that brought us Sfuzzi’s. Look for more on this announcement soon. Let us know if you care to join the party, we have room for a limited number of people and want to make sure you are on the list.

While we have your attention, jump over to Facebook and give us a ‘like’.


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15 responses to “Celebrate a Year of Cravings With Us

  1. Steven:

    Sounds great! What time does everything get started?

    Chef Mark

  2. I am interested. Congratulations on one delicious year!

  3. susan watkins

    Sounds great,can’t wait

  4. Mike H

    It sounds like a great time. Definitely interested in coming.

  5. Put Hub and I on the list!

  6. Or is it Hub and me?

  7. Kim

    I would love to go!!!

  8. Scott S

    I’d like to check it out.

  9. Vicki F

    Myself and a friend would love to come…thank you!

  10. Hmmm. Sounds great. Is there a sign-up sheet?

  11. Shelly Knowlton

    Add me and Erin B. to the list! We wouldn’t miss it!!

  12. David Indorf

    I already confirmed on Facebook, but I’m doing so here to make sure my name makes it onto the list. Can’t wait!

  13. branroa

    Is this still on for tonight? Hard to tell with the new FB timeline. Hope all is going well and congrats! RSVP’d on FB. Will have a +1.

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