Dining Out in Dallas For NF

by Steven Doyle

Dining Out in Dallas was first held in 1995 and has grown to become the signature fundraising event for the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation. Their trademarked event, Dining Out in Dallas has raised more than $1,100,000 for patient programs and research projects. The Founding Chef, David Holben, enlisted his friends in the chef community to share their culinary talents and benefit the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation.  

We stopped in to visit with chef Holben at the event that was held at the Flight Museum at Love Field. You know Holben to be the corporate chef at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse. When at these type of events Holben can usually be seen with his family in tow as they love to help out with the cause.

Other chefs we bumped into included Dan Landsberg from Hotel ZaZa.  He showed us some interesting photos of their new roof top garden, and it appeared he will be harvesting soon.

It was also good to see chef Joel Harloff from the Second Floor.  He took over that position mid-January, but his resume is heavy with great restaurants such as The Green Room, Dali Wine Bar, Mi Piaci and Nana Grill.  Harloff said that he is enjoying his post at Second Floor.

There were plenty of nifty silent auction items for grabs, but the star of the evening was the chef dining package offered by Holben and joined by James Johnson from Pappas Brothers Steakhouse, Gilbert Garza from Suze, Dan Landsberg the ZaZa toque and Tom Fleming from Crossroads Diner.  The package went for $8000 and finally included dinner for 14 prepared in the lucky bidder’s home, complete with wine and champagne. Holben later said that another package was negotiated for less people for around $7,000. A nice take for the Neurofibromatosis Foundation which Holben is extremely passionate about.

Neurofibromatosis is a neurocutaneous syndrome that can affect many parts of the body, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves, skin, and other body systems. NF can cause growth of non-cancerous tumors on nerve tissue, producing skin and bone abnormalities. There’s no specific cure for NF, but tumors usually can be removed and complications treated.  You may send your donations here.


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