Grassias, Paula Lambert

by Steven Doyle

If you haven’t checked out the Grand Dame of Cheese Paula Lambert’s shop in Deep Ellum you have not experienced one of the city’s sweet slices of life. The Mozzarella Company cheese shop is tiny; very tiny. But somehow Lambert is able to crank out enough cheese to supply many area shops including Bolsa Mercado, Scardello, Whole Foods, Central Market, and even more regional and national restaurants.         

We caught up with Lambert recently to find out what might be new on her cheese board.

“This is our new cheese called Grassias. It’s half cows milk and half goat’s milk, and it’s wrapped in lemongrass,” said Lambert.

Lambert, who is best known for her mozzarella and award winning Hoja Santa (a peppery fresh chevre), worked on the new cheese for over a year wanting to make a cheese that would have an excellent shelf life. Although a fresh milk cheese, the Grassias actually improves with age, most notably into 60 days.  The name Grassias is a fun play on words that will help you identify the cheese by its pretty packaging of lemongrass.

Grassias is an excellent starter goat cheese for the uninitiated, and should carry those that do not appreciate the stronger chevres into the wonderful world of goat cheeses. The cheese has a soft buttery texture with an herbal aroma.

Lambert is celebrating a landmark 30 years in the cheese business.


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