Win Padma’s Nespresso

by Steven Doyle

Last evening most of the Dallas food related media was treated to an evening at Private Social with Padma Lakshmi, the super sweet model/actress turned hostess of Top Chef. She started her career as a model at a young age to pay off her student loans, and continued as a cookbook author and eventually actress.   

Today we know Padma best as the sultry voice of Top Chef, but I cannot help but think of her role on the television program Star Trek Enterprise. Last evening, however, we were treated to a very different Padma. This one was repping a line of high end espresso machines, the Nepresso.

After sampling hoards of appetizers prepared by chef Tiffany Derry, and cocktails laden with the special espresso elixir made by Private Social beverage director Rocco Milano, we were swept away to the private parts of the restaurant where the crowd was put through its paces learning about the machine’s processes in making a perfect cup of espresso or latte. We would all be rewarded for this time with a gift bag containing one of the machines and all of the accessories we had been so lusting for.

I was offered some alone time with Padma but didn’t think she would appreciate some of the questions I might have for her, like her marriage with Salman Rushdie or how a Carl’s Jr burger coaxed her from vegetarianism. I chose instead to sit back and enjoy my Nepresso martini and ogle the object of my affections from a few feet away.

I actually own the very Nepresso maker they offered the group last night, the Pixie, which was passed out as we left the restaurant. Especially awesome was the giant gift bag of accessories and recipe book that was included to make the perfect morning wake up call or cocktail. I am offering this windfall to you today and one lucky winner will make off with all by including a small comment below. I will personally hand deliver or ship all this coming weekend. We will award the prize Friday afternoon.


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32 responses to “Win Padma’s Nespresso

  1. This sounds Awesome! I admire how cool calm and collected she is on TopChef, knowing that you are sending some one back to their home even when performance was not as expected would be a difficult task! The expresso event sounds wonderful, and even if you didn’t get the private interview, I’m sure a grand time was had by all! Oh yeah, I’d love to win this give-a-way, sounds delicious! I ‘crave’ coffee!

  2. susan watkins

    That would be soooo awesome to win!

  3. Ann Stump

    As a previous night shift RN for decades & now a permanent night owl who loves her Kona coffee in the mid morning, I would be the perfect choice to hand off the Nepresso machine to. I am also a foodie & in a Dallas wine group & enjoy reading Crave dfw on-line daily. I’ll wait for your email…

  4. stephen mchugh

    Awesome idea for an event. I would love to bring the wonderful different flavors that Nespresso has to my cooking. Very generous of you to give away the gifts. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  5. noela watts

    I too am a fan of top chef and have been following Padma’s career. I first sampled Nespresso at Crate and Barrel and have wanted to purchase this awesome machine. What a treat!

  6. I’m so jealous of all the fun events you get to go to! I would absolutely love this! My last (and only) espresso machine died a painful death a few years ago. It involved a slight explosion and a few burns… I haven’t been able to part with enough money for a new one, and this one would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Debbie Mires

    you’re bringing that great package to me right!!!!!!!! 😉 yipppppppeeees can’t wait

  8. Kayur Patel

    Boy I really love me some espresso. It would go to very good use if I somehow got a hold of one.

  9. kathy

    What a life you live. One lucky guy!!!! I had one but I never could get a decent cup of coffee from it, sold it in garage sale!

  10. kathy

    How about we set it up and use it on some of those chocolate tours???

  11. Bry

    So lucky to meet Padma! Love watching her on TV. And recipes for an expresso machine? Sounds great! Can’t survive without my caffeine!

  12. Robyn

    Oh yea, caffeine is my I.V. for life!!! Love your posts and learn so much! Hoping……

  13. Richard Vance

    Wow what a wonderful give out. Good Luck to all!!!

  14. Kelly Hunter

    Love Padma (although the whole bio is interesting), and have played often with my sister’s Nespresso. Have coveted it often. Coveting is bad, I’ve been told, so owning my own Nespresso would solve at least one of life’s little problems.

  15. Valerie

    Awesome giveaway! I stumbled upon Crave a few days ago and have become mildly obsessed. It’s great to know there’s a whole slew of people out there with similar interest in all things food/beer/art/exploring.

  16. Diana gumbert

    I love espresso! I would also love to learn how to use an espresso machine!

  17. Rob

    Pick Me Pick Me! I would love to try to use it with different recipes

  18. Rob

    Pick Me Pick Me! – I would love using this machine to try out new recipes using espresso

  19. colin

    awesome! Thanks!

  20. Mary

    My littile one cup coffee machine could finally be retired. What a dream!

  21. serena dang

    I have always wanted a Nespresso machine – something our European fellas have enjoyed for years just recently boomed in the US. This would be a great makeover for my kitchen! Thank you so much!

  22. James


  23. sarah katherine

    the machine looks pretty cool!

  24. Dan Ahrens

    Nice! I would love to win one. Was already thinking on buying on online!

  25. unclekrud

    Hi Steven. I’m in. Keep up the good work.

  26. Did she touch it?! I’m in!

  27. eric shelton

    By me winning this nepresso. Will bring me one step closer to padma. Probably the closest ill ever get……geeez

  28. Mark Hearne

    I am the only one in my family that does not have a Nespresso. I need it so I can serve the coffee they are used to when they come for a visit.

  29. Jennifer

    I loved her in star trek too! Great article like always!

  30. Thank you all for reading craveDFW and participating in our little contests. The more you participate the more we can actually do contests like these… and the more liekly tyou will take home a cool prize. I believe our first male winner ever is James who won today’s give-a-way. Congrats! We sent him an email an hour ago and he said he has never won a thing in his life. That changes today!

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