Where In the World Is Bob Sambol?

by Steven Doyle

Bob Sambol is alive and well and not working at any steakhouse, or restaurant for that matter. We did track down some information that lead us to Syracuse, New York at a 133 year old sausage company where our famous restaurateur Bob is Vice President of Marketing and Sales – namely at Hoffman Sausage Company.    

Bob has been in the restaurant business since he was 11 years old but was recently presented an opportunity by a group of friends and Dallas investors to take on the position and he happily obliged.  Sambol offices out of Dallas so he might still be spotted at some of his favorite haunts which probably lead to the speculation he is running another restaurant.

You will know Sambol most recently from them Mcrowd’s Mercury Grill, and prior to that he was the legendary front man for Bob’s Steak & Chop House.



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4 responses to “Where In the World Is Bob Sambol?

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  2. UTfan

    He should be in jail!!!!

  3. Alice Quintanta

    Bob , just wanted u to know Simon passed away last yr. I’m sorry he didn’t get to see u that last time we were at the mercury grill for his birthday. That was the last time he was able to go out. My cell us 214/850-5082 if u would like to talk. Love Alice

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