Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2012 in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

For most it is not a matter if, but where to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The origins of the holiday hardly has roots in copious amounts of margaritas and cheap Mexican beer, but instead considered the turning point in what was until then a losing fight against the powerful invading French forces.  The “Battle of Puebla” gave the Mexican people a renewed sense of hope in defending their beloved country and the eventual victory on May 5, 1862.

I suppose anytime you defeat invading French forces is a fantastic time to take a nip of tequila and should be celebrated in style. We assembled a few ways to pay your respects to Mexico and still possibly get your drink on at the same time.      

Start your day with a large Mexican breakfast. A few of our local favorites include El Jordan Café  in Oak Cliff, Good 2 Go Tacos in East Dallas, Restaurant Y Taquería Cristina off Webbs Chapel, or if you are near the Dallas Farmers Market grab a breakfast gordita at my favorite La Marketa located just outside the East door of Shed Two.

Once fueled up for the day make a beeline to Oak Cliff and celebrate with their 22nd Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade. Here you can sneer and jeer at parade grand marshal Mike Rawlins and let him know what you think of toll bridges. The parade route starts at 200 East Jefferson and winds to the West 1000 block of Jefferson. Most of the revelry will take place in-between those two points at 600 West Jefferson where you will find the main stage and vendor booths.

While in Oak Cliff, check out Lockhart Smokehouse for lunch. We hear they are smoking cabrito.

With your Mexican flag in hand race down to Tacopalooza at Bryan Street Tavern from 1pm to 7pm. Grab tacos, senors or senoritas, dance to the beat of the drums, eat tacos, drink those ritas and PBRs and watch the taco judging contest for this first annual event. Yours truly will be on hand to judge the festivities along with taco-maniac Jose Ralat-Maldonado and man about town, Robert Wilonsky, wo we hear loves a good taco.

One of the most splendorific Cinco celebrations is later at the Mattito’s block party in Uptown where you can ride a mechanical bull, and shoot the bull while sipping tankards of margaritas. The legendary Bob Armstrong (juked up queso) contest is fun to watch. Participants wolf down more than three pounds of the queso for a prize that takes them out of the celebration for the rest of the day.

Urban Taco, just down the Avenue, is hosting a crazy Mexican wrestling exhibition ala Nacho Libre. You can also sample free mojitos while crunching on some of the best chips in Dallas.

Most bars and taverns will be throwing parties as this is one of the largest drinking holidays this side of St Patrick’s Day.  For a list of our favorite margaritas in DFW, check out our link.  Enjoy the day and be safe.

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