Build A Better Burger And Kenny Will Pay You

by Steven Doyle

Let me start by saying I really like Kenny Bowers. First, the guy can cook. That’s a fairly important point when you are a chef. Second, the guy is outrageous. Great combination. Kenny doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a lot of fun with his burger joint up in Frisco.

It’s pretty nifty that you can buy a single rib for one dollar, which comes from a Chris Rock line in the film I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. This is also the spot where you can buy a 7 pounder that is a burger loaded with 7,000 calories, and can actually feed 20 people — or one really hungry hombre. Last week Kenny announced a dinosaur-sized hot dog.    

Now Kenny wants you to get in on his action by coming up with your own burger. Kenny will pay one lucky person to share their own burger magic that he will put on his menu. Here’s the details:

Build Your Dream Burger (10 ingredients or less). Take a Photo of your burger at home. Submit your burger and recipe on the Kenny’s Burger Joint Facebook wall. Get your friends to vote for your burger. The Burger with the Most votes as of May 31st will be the lucky winner.

The winner will receive a $100 Gift card to Kenny’s Burger Joint. Four honorable mentions will also receive prizes.

Get after it, people. I will probably enter and beg for votes myself.

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