Seriously, Serious Pizza

by Steven Doyle

Just over one year ago we did a pizza tour that included many of the area’s best pizzerias. Cane Rosso was on the list as they just moved into their digs on Commerce. Along with that Deep Ellum hot spot we also visited Serious Pizza the very first day they were open to the public. The Elm Street pizzeria has since made its way into annals of epic pizza in Dallas.           

There are a few really nifty things about Serious Pizza that makes them high on our list of pizzas in Dallas. Serious makes a damned good New York-style slice. These pizzas are mammoth man-hole covers packed with toppings and they are relatively cheap. A slice is just a few bucks and can satisfy a normal appetite.

Another huge plus is that Serious is open until 3am on weekends. Face it, this is when we really need pizza the most.

A recent stop netted a bit of information on Serious. They are planning a new location and should announce that soon. Also, Monday’s all beer on tap is a buck. Not sure which one of those two I appreciate more. Probably the beer thing. I know our way to Deep Ellum.

Serious Pizza
2807 Elm, Dallas
(214) 761-9999

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