How Many Tamales Can A Cop Eat? Apparently 96

by Steven Doyle

La Popular is known for two things: great tamales and for giving so much back to the community. I know I have ranted a few times how much chefs and restaurateurs give back to the community and charities and La Popular is definitely in this category.  This past week La Popular held what they billed as their first annual tamale eating contest with a major throw down between the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire Rescue.  

The Dallas Fire Rescue took home the bragging rights by beating the police by 6 tamales. The Dallas Fire and Rescue ate 102 tamales and the DPD ate 96 tamales in front of a crowd of about 200 people that gathered to witness the food-a-thon at the Dallas Farmers Market.

La Popular presented a $400 to the American Heart Association in honor of the winning team.

In speaking with owner of La Popular Jesse Moreno he said, “We just wanted to put on a great event for charity and make it a fun event. Also, we wanted  to bring new people down to the Dallas Farmers Market.”  Moreno promises anothe tamale eating contest next year and will most likely add a civilian element to the bash.

That’s just like Jesse.


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