Win Dinner For Two At Del Frisco

by Crave Staff

Del Frisco is definitely a Dallas institution and they have been on our radar since the playful sommelier Jennifer Jaco started working there just over one month ago.  But before Jaco’s arrival we alwayed enjoyed chatting with chef David Holben who’s home kitchen is the Dallas location on Spring Valley.

Holben has come up with a summer promotion that should bring most beef lovers into the restaurant and it is a steal.  They call this the Power Couple menu and there are more than a few great choices in sides and such, but always includes a filet and crab cake. For $99.  

“The Power Couple was a huge success last year, and we are thrilled to welcome it back for the entire summer,” said Holben. “Our guests can now enjoy the bold flavors of two of our most admired dishes for a fraction of the cost.”

Now you can enjoy the dinner for two for nothing. Be one of our lucky commenters and we will randomly select a winner so you can dine with Jaco and Holben next week.


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34 responses to “Win Dinner For Two At Del Frisco

  1. Shelly Knowlton

    I love Del Frisco!!! Bring on the steak!!

  2. kathy

    Pick me, pick me. Never been to Del Frisco. I am in the mist of learing all an old woman need to know about Medicare and am brain weary and hungry. Maybe some steak could clear up the brain fog!!

  3. LuAnn Bergman

    Did someone say steak????

  4. John

    Sounds like a great deal.

  5. Danny Balis

    I like steak!

  6. Mary

    Boyfriend and I have many things to celebrate (new job for me! raise for him!), we could totally go for steak!

  7. Mike H

    The wife and I celebrate 28 years of marriage this week. Proof positive that love is blind!! She should get a steak dinner just for putting up with me that long!!!

  8. susan watkins

    Where’s the beef!

  9. PJ

    Looks great!

  10. Dan

    I’d like to be part of a power couple. This might help me land a date 🙂

  11. RACHEL

    Bet you keep it for yourself!

  12. Scott

    Sounds like a plan. Let’s eat some crab cakes and great steak.

  13. Black Blue steaks!!

  14. LOVE Del Frisco’s. Definitely pick me – I could use a stiff cocktail and a good steak after the week I’ve had.

  15. Emily

    My very rich accounting professor always talked about his expensive company dinners at Del Frisco. And especially their lemon cake. I’d love to experience it for myself 🙂

  16. Paul

    Never been!

  17. Michelle O

    Ohhhhh sounds awesome!! 🙂

  18. tim

    Pick me please… i need some steak

  19. Hiccup

    I got so excited… 18 posts! Gonna be some good reading, I thought. But I was wrong. And unfortunately I can’t help. I’m not creative. I’m a boring red-meat lovin dullard. Sorry, Doyle.

  20. Del Frisco always has a fantastic wine list!!

  21. serena dang

    Would love to take a try!

  22. Korinna Kirchhoff

    I have a girlfriend and her husband who are going through tough financial times and health issues. As much as I would love this, I know she would love it more! If I “win”, you can have it delivered to them! They could use a date night!!

  23. Bob

    I love there black bean vegan burger…..jk.

  24. Rob

    Pick me – I need a great steak dinner

  25. Agnes

    It’s almost my birthday. Would be a great celebration dinner!

  26. Jack Rowland

    Although certainly in Dallas longer, when Flemming’s fled Dallas, Del Frisco’s became my #1 choice for center-cut fillet!

  27. Throwing my name in the ring again – I thought about this all night last night hoping I would win 😉

  28. iampurewest

    I’m ready for some steak!!!

  29. Would love to surprise my pilot boyfriend with a DelFrisco treat! A good reprieve from all the airport & airplane food he has had to endure.

  30. Tia

    I love Del Friscos!

  31. Paul is our winner today. Congratulations!

  32. Frank G.

    I need a win lately. Frank G.

  33. Me and steak go WAY back. We should hook up again real soon …

  34. Casey

    Del Frisco’s is amazing! Wonderful food.

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