It’s All About The Dough

by Judy Chamberlain

Who doesn’t love pizza?

Lucky Dallas, we’re getting to be something of a mecca for Neapolitan style pizza, that of the thin crust and chewy texture. It’s new to many, trendy and certainly different. Sicilian,Chicago, New York or even California pizza this is not.

The latest entry into the pizza a la Napolitano fray is Dough, on Preston Road.         

An off shoot of the original Dough in San Antonio and the result of a licensing agreement negotiated by local owners Brad Liles and Keith Hall, this Dough’s the real deal.

As I type, Dough of Dallas awaits the official certification granting it the right to call itself an authentic purveyor of Neapolitan pizza. It will join its parent restaurant as one of only a few dozen pizzerias in America to have that distinction.

Like their San Antonio counterparts, Liles and Hall use a lot of organic produce and authentic ingredients, many of which are locally sourced.

Last week, they showcased their pizzas for the media, and the results were spectacular.

Our hosts kept their comments to minimum, pretty much letting the abundant array of food speak for itself, which is always a good idea when you have a bunch of gabby food journalists in attendance.

I was impressed with the variety of ingredients on the pizzas. Dough’s kitchen offers a bunch of great ones, including house made fior di latte, arugula, oak-roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, oak-roasted zucchini, white anchovies, rapini, prosciutto di Parma, oak-roasted peppers, roasted sausage, pancetta, provolone, speck, fontina, pepperoncinis, sopressata salami, speck, fresh garlic, gorgonzola, heirloom tomatoes, ricotta, gorgonzola and freshly-made mozzarella. No pineapple, though.

With its beautiful burrata, zingy salads, handcrafted entrée specials and authentic Italian sodas, Dough breaks away from the mainstream to help put Dallas at the fore front of the Neapolitan pizza trend – and does it very well.

Judy Chamberlain, a professional restaurant critic since 1983, is also a critically-acclaimed jazz singer. Check out her website.


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2 responses to “It’s All About The Dough

  1. Mike Ray @ Neapolitan pizza

    Neapolitan Pizza are very nice for the taste, they are used as a typical food for evening time eating, they are used with so many ingredients, It can be served as a American and Italian style,

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