5 Really Good Things I Ate This Week

by Steven Doyle

It has been a terrific culinary week and I am really looking forward to the last supper at Nana tonight. If you haven’t made reservations yet, there are still some available for the legendary dinner.

There are a few things I would like to share of interest that came across my dinner plate this week. Here are five fantastic things I ate this week.     

This is the foie at Second Floor in the Westin Galleria served up by Joel Harloff and is part of his new menu. I will disseminate more of this amazing new menu next week, but had to share this particular dish going in to the weekend. This would make an amazing bar snack while sipping a flight of Scotch at the restaurant.

From one extreme to another. This is the Loretta burger at Goodfriend. It is loaded with carmelized onions and blue cheese. Not only is it named for my mother, it is the mother of burgers at Goodfriend.

Check out the Shumai at Snack, the new Avner Samuels and Jon Stevens spot on Henderson. This dish kicks royal ass. I am talking full on kick-the-queen-and-her-jubilee-butt delicious.

I was chatting up Fearing pastry chef Jill Bates this week and she mentioned she would never make a creme brulee. She sad it was so 80’s. Well, I will admit it got a little tired (a LOT tired) but this triple crown version from ZaZa’s Dragonfly made by Dan Landsberg is sublime. It’s the Three Amigos of Brulees. The flavors are lemon basil, strawberry-banana and mocha. C’mon Jill, this looks pretty good.

Last week I raved on about the new menu and chef at Bryan Street Tavern, and for a good reason. This is the spicy corn dog that is available all the time at the bar, and it is freaking good. So good it is worth the trip to Bryan Street just for these babies. Best part about them is you do not have to wait until midnight to have one or two. I am looking at you Lakewood Landing.



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3 responses to “5 Really Good Things I Ate This Week

  1. Those all look awesome, Steve. I was at 2nd Floor last week and though I was reluctant to go without J and Sarah in the kitchen (but I love the entire staff and was happy to see them), I really enjoyed my meal. Jason the manager there cannot be beat for his hospitality. Jill should understand that because brûlée is so 80’s makes it so 2000’s!! I love his brûlée presentation.

  2. Matt Riordan

    Thanks, Steven! As I mentioned before,we’re proud of Chef, excited about the new menu, and can’t wait for his next creations he rolls out! Thanks, always, and swing on by for (and you know it without saying it) the best pizza, wings, and crazy Chef specials in town!!!

    Matt Riordan

  3. Sharon

    I like this feature. Can you do something like this each week? Also liked the chef day you did a few weeks back.

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