Small Plates At Snack

by Steven Doyle

Sometimes when you are out dining you simply want a snack. Small plates is actually my favorite way to dine, you get so many different flavors packed into one meal. If variety is the spice of life then Snack Global Kitchen and Bar is a whole lot of living.

As we had mentioned in our first look at Snack, it is a global kitchen, which basically means the kitchen staff can create anything they wish and be as imaginative as possible. This is genius.

We stopped into Snack late Sunday evening just before closing and the staff was winding down from a busy day. Sous chef Cody Sharp was at the helm and we are always pleased to see this firecracker of a chef. After graduating from Cordon Bleu Sharp took his first line position at Rockwall’s Restaurant Ava and simultaneously started working part time for Katherine Clapner at Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Bishop Arts.      

At both restaurants Sharp honed his skills, and eventually moved on to work at Stephan Pyles on Ross Avenue. Sharp was also part of the original staff that opened Campo, and more recently was at Charlie Palmer at the Joule. Snack is Sharp’s first sous chef position, and it fits him extremely well. Snack’s exec Jon Stevens has given Sharp plenty of responsibility and comes up with fun daily specials and has an exacting command of the current menu.

We checked out some of the new menu, plus a few items that Sharp has fun with. We were told that Snack will soon be serving full-sized  plates as well very soon, probably as part of a special.

Sharp likes to play with both texture and temperatures as evidenced by this hot and cold oyster dish.


We were happy to see soft shell crabs still on menus. They won’t last much longer so best to always take advantage of an order when found. Sharp served  beautiful soba noodles on the side to complement this dish.


The Sunday daily special is fried chicken, and Sharp sous vides the chicken to give it a wonderful texture and juiciness, as well as to expedite the dish. In this time when we are seeing fried chicken on every menu in Dallas, this is a wonderful example of how to serve the dish. Sent with a side of creamer peas, this was a wonderful example of the season.


This flatbread is the staff favorite and the meatballs are made with kobe and short rib jus.


This peach crisp was made individually in one of the two wood-fired ovens.


Cocktails are a big part of the menu and each has a chef’s touch with a perfect balance that never screams sweet, which can often be the case when bartenders are crafting cocktails.

Snack Global Kitchen and Bar
2323 N Henderson Ave, Dallas
(214) 827-1188


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3 responses to “Small Plates At Snack

  1. That looks really good – both as an idea and as executed. Have to stop by.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Slade

    was not impressed; it was good but I was expecting better, i have had better small plates. The crispy Brussels sprouts were not crispy at all, their dipping sauce was good though. the pork dish with the three different types of pork each piece was over-cooked, I think we got the smallest soft shell crab out of the bucket. The saving grace of the meal was the flatbread with goat cheese, i believe that is what was on it. The cocktails interesting and were quite good (102 in the shade, & quickly pickled)

  3. acrow

    I had a similar experience to Slade. Not at all impressed. Food was average, small and over-salted. Raw oysters were good, as was the chicken shwarma (but way too small). Atmosphere is terrible and way too loud.

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