Jason Kosmas Designs Malai Kitchen’s Cocktail Menu

by Steven Doyle

Earlier this week we announced the new brand of spirits from the 86 Co. and local bartending wunderkind Jason Kosmas as he introduced his Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Cana Brava Rum. We were wondering how these sprits would actually taste in a cocktail and Kosmas was eager to show us.

The first restaurant to actually receive shipment of the brand was Malai Kitchen where Kosmas is the consulting barman. This week Malai announced their new summer cocktail menu designed by Kosmas where he uses his spirits in a few of the potent potables.    

Kosmas first met the young restaurateurs while he was tending bar at Neighborhood Services Tavern located on Henderson. Yasmin and Braden Wages would stop in for one of Kosmas’ signature cocktails and they actually discussed the Malai concept which wasn’t opened at the time. Later Kosmas would leave NST and offered to plan the cocktail menu at Malai.

Kosmas told us that he enjoyed working with the Wages because of the flavors and ingredients Malai uses. The menu is ripe with mangoes and Thai basil.

One of the spectacular drinks on the menu is the Cambodian Daiquiri which uses the Cana Brava Rum along with Luxardo maraschino liqueur, Thai basil and lime juice. The rum has a sweet, woody smell with aromas of caramel and vanilla. The cocktail plays very well with these flavors.

Another creation now featured on the menu is Cha-Yen which is a Thai iced tea made with  Aylesbury Duck Vodka, orange flower water and Amarula. Amarula is a South African liqueur made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African Marula tree. Amarula is nearly as popular Bailey’s but just now breaking into the American market. Finishing the drink with a splash of the cream liqueur gives the cocktail a rich and refreshing blast of flavor.

Check out some of the other concoctions on the new bar menu at Malai including the Singapore Sling for two which is based on the original recipe from Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The pitcher holds four stiff drinks that should be shared on a warm Dallas afternoon on the Malai patio. The sling is perfectly refreshing and will refresh and revive all summer long.


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  1. Maiai Kitchen is an awesome place to introduce Jason’s brand of spirits! Love their cocktail menu already but can’t wait to try the restaurant’s new bar menu items.

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