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Max’s Wine Dive Brunch For A Quick Hangover Cure

DSC04354by Steven Doyle

A visit to Max’s Wine Dive will often net you a chance to embrace the inner oenophile, but they also have their bad boy side which serves up some interesting, if not bawdy,  menu items. There is certainly that late night rendezvous with fried chicken and Dom Perignon by the glass that gives Max’s a bit of the bad boy impression. But this makes perfect sense; bubbles are meant to make you smile.

Max’s has no pretention of staying classy as evidenced by their over-the-top brunch menu, and we set out to tackle a few of the more interesting items.  Continue reading


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Jason Kosmas Designs Malai Kitchen’s Cocktail Menu

by Steven Doyle

Earlier this week we announced the new brand of spirits from the 86 Co. and local bartending wunderkind Jason Kosmas as he introduced his Aylesbury Duck Vodka and Cana Brava Rum. We were wondering how these sprits would actually taste in a cocktail and Kosmas was eager to show us.

The first restaurant to actually receive shipment of the brand was Malai Kitchen where Kosmas is the consulting barman. This week Malai announced their new summer cocktail menu designed by Kosmas where he uses his spirits in a few of the potent potables.     Continue reading

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An Evening With Chef Paul Singhapong at Malai Kitchen

by Steven Doyle

Now retired, chef Paul Singhapong has had a fantastic career working in fine kitchens in both Dallas and San Francisco. The chef worked at the Brasserie Savoy Restaurant in San Francisco, Beau Nash at Dallas Crescent Court Hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek and the Melrose Hotel. In 1990 he became the poissonier chef for the Adolphus Hotel’s French Room and in 1985 Singhapong joined the staff of the Lowe’s Anatole Hotel in Dallas. He was also executive chef at the Bay Leaf which garnered 4-stars from the Dallas Morning News. More recently Singhapong  was the executive chef of Cru.               Continue reading


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It’s Easy Being Green at Malai Kitchen

by Amanda Sperry

It’s not easy being green in Dallas, the land of big beef. Let’s face it, if I want to go out with friends many menus do not offer my vegetarian choices and so I find myself succumbing to meat on occasion. I am vegetarian by choice, not by any social or moral edict. I just find eating flesh distasteful. But there are times I find myself straying just because it is an easier path, and maybe I had my fill of salads for the week.

Occasionally a place is found where I don’t have to appear high maintenance and I can have my ultimate choice of fare sans meat. Recently I stopped into Malai Kitchen with a friend and found out they cater to pretty much any dietary requirements a person could have, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices.          Continue reading

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Meet the Owners of Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen

by Steven Doyle

The young owners of  Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen are a mere 28 years old and met at Cornell University where they both  were enrolled in the prestigious School of Hotel Administration. Now married, Braden and Yasmin Wages work hard to make their vision a success

While at Cornell, Braden was awarded the Hotel School’s prestigious R.C. Kopf Student Achievement Scholarship Award, providing him the opportunity to visit and work at wineries and restaurants throughout California, Italy and France. This experience expanded Braden’s palate and ignited his desire to seek out new and exotic culinary adventures. After graduation, he spent three months traveling through Southeast Asia.                  Continue reading


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A Hidden Gem of a Burger

by Steven Doyle

Let me tell you about this new burger I tried this past weekend at the most unsuspecting place to have one. In fact, when I mention the name you will most likely think I am quite insane for even ordering this new-to-me burger. I spent my brunch time Sunday at Malai Kitchen, the cute West Village eatery that serves up a fantastic twist on Thai and Vietnamese food.  Continue reading


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