Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

by Steven Doyle

Each week we scour the city in search of the very best Dallas has to offer. We check into restaurants both old and new looking for interesting food to discuss with you so you can make handy decision when dining out.

We do not necessarily write up each item we enjoy, and often have photos that we will save for another week. However, we will share some of the most awe-inspiring dishes on Friday in what we like to call Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds.   

Walk with us as we share this week’s five.

We have been staying shy of the food trucks for the past few months. Not only because of the heat, but more that we are looking for something different than a giant selection of tacos. The  Potato Potahto truck does things a bit differently. Check out the mega portion hot potato stuffed to the gills with shredded bbq beef and all the trimmings.

Brussels Sprouts are now on the acceptable veggie menu since restaurants started making them so damned sinful. Check out Oak’s version which is more like a dessert than a vegetable. Panko-roused, these babies are a must when visiting the Design District restaurant.

The Ten Buck Four Banger at Off-Site Kitchen is ridiculously huge and should only be ordered by hungry road workers needing the extreme caloric intake that they will burn off while repairing our city’s roadways. That being said… damn it’s good. Go extreme and add a fried egg for fifty cents more. No website, so shoot on over to 2226 Irving Blvd. Their number is (214) 741-2226.

Not always on the menu, but certainly a delicious side item at Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District, the brisket infused hominy is creamy and wacky good. The strong corn flavor compliments the smokiness, begging for yet another bite.

Crabby Fried Rice. Need we say more? OK, we will but you will most likely want to grab your car keys and aim your vehicle towards Coconut Thai Grill in Carrollton. The dish is loaded with large shards of fresh and sweet lump crab meat that surrounds the perfectly fried and moist rice; packed with flavor and extremely sharable.


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