Jason Kosmas Featured In Sept Issue Of Playboy

by Steven Doyle

Barman Jason Kosmas has a long list of accomplishments that he is most proud of. He is one of the owners of what many have called the best bar in the world, Employees Only. He has written a successful book, produced a line of cocktail mixers, and now a line of spirits.

A lengthy list of accomplishments you would think. But what will please his grandfather the most is the fact he made it in the September issue of Playboy.           

“A friend of mine I went to school with was sitting in his bathroom reading Playboy and he saw the article. He text me and said dude, I didn’t even get to the centerfold and I saw your article”, said Kosmas.

The back story is that Kosmas was at a fashion industry party in New York and he met Hugh Garvey who said he wanted to start writing about food. Later Garvey would write for Bon Appetite, but his first freelance gig was a piece for the Village Voice and it was on Kosmas and the subject of highballs.

About 3 months ago Garvey called Kosmas and said he was an editor for Playboy now and wanted to recreate his first story on highballs, but more updated.

“I was talking to my brother and told him about this. In Greek the grandfather is called Papou. He said that Papou would be excited and take a copy to church with him. Nice. That is making it right there,” said Kosmas.

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