Bailey’s In Fairview Will Close (And Cedar Hill)

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday rumors sparked that Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fairview was closed and later in the day the rumor was squelched. The restaurant did close for the Labor Day holiday leading some to believe that there was indeed a closure. We went to the source to do a little discovery. What we found was more than interesting.

“We are investigating closing down the Cedar Hill and Fairview locations for Bailey’s Prime Plus,” said Ken Kuczwaj, a Bailey’s management representative. “We have a national tenant wanting to take over the location in Fairview. To accommodate the landlord we will most likely bow out.”  

We heard more rumors about which new tenant might be looking to sign the lease and discovered through three sources that Texas Land and Cattle is anxious to lease the spot.

The Cedar Hill location is another animal altogether. After repeated attempts to accommodate the audience in that area, the concept simply is not working. The menu had been retro-fitted to serve low country cuisine by corporate chef Ryan Carbery, along with the addition of some pretty amazing live jazz music which should have attracted a crowd – but didn’t. Other Cedar Hill restaurants have had difficulty  finding their place in an area rife with chain restaurants. Recently Macaroni Grill closed after a long run with little success.

“As far as Cedar Hill goes, nothing is solidified. We are in negotiations with the landlord,” continued Kuczwaj.

The entertainment portion of the Cedar Hill restaurant has been suspended for the time being.

Kuczwaj went on to explain that the company was solid, but just doing away with stores that are not successful. Park Lane would continue to remain open but his main focus is on the wildly successful brand, Patrizio.

The latest Patrizio is set to open in the Southlake area later this month, with many more to open in the coming year. Look for menu upgrades by Carbery in coming months.


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  1. Slade

    It’s cedar hill…enough said…I enjoyed the FtWorth location and was disappointed it closed. Always had enjoyed a nice evening in the bar when we went.

  2. Slade

    thanks for the follow up

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