Addison Oktoberfest Starts Today! Now Where Do You Eat?

by Steven Doyle

Can you tell that Oktoberfest is one of our very favorite times of the year? The Addison 4-day festival begins today, so we want to make sure you are all prepared for the excitement. Be sure to comment below for entry into our daily ticket give-a-way, plus everyone is entered into our grand prize which we will award tomorrow. That is a backseat full of goodies well worth over $650.       

Enjoy Oktoberfest. We discuss the large variety of food today, and tomorrow you get the low down on the newest addition to the Addison Oktoberfest – Kaffee und Kuchen Haus.

While everyone knows the Brats, Kassler Ribchen (smoked pork chop) potato salad, and kraut from the giant 30,000 square foot Schloss Addison Main Tent, the 12 acre park is packed with other food vendors, too.  Two of the most popular, which also have the longest lines so hit them early, are Helmut’s Strudel and the Skillet potatoes.  If you are a veteran you know to check these spots out early while the uninitiated soak up their first few steins of Spaten.

We grabbed a list of all the specialty vendors along with ticket prices so you can plan accordingly.

Christi – N – Ali Cuisine
Chicken Dumplings 5 coupons
Sweet & Sour Cabbage with Chicken or Lamb 8 coupons
Corn Relish with Chicken and Sauce 8 coupons
Fried Cheesecake Tart 5 coupons
 Schweine Hutte
Roasted Pork Shank on a bed of Sauerkraut 6 coupons
Funnel Cake Fries drizzled w/ German Chocolate and sprinkled w/ Coconut 5 coupons
F&J Catering
Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich  6 coupons
Bavarian Pulled Pork 6 coupons
Langos Basket 5 coupons
Gurkensalat – Cucumber Salad 3 coupons
Potato “Funnel Cake” 4 coupons
Ludger’s Bavarian Cheesecake 4 coupons
Fischer’s German – Style Kettle Korn
Kettle Korn (Large Bag) 6 coupons
Sauerkraut & Bratwurst Pizza 6 coupons
Helmut’s Strudel
Strudel (Apple, Cheese, Cherry, Almond-Apricot) 5 coupons
Take Home Box 10 coupons
Freshly Baked Soft Pretzels 4 coupons
Jakes Funnel Cakes
Funnel Cake 6 coupons
Toppings: Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, or Caramel
Selim’s Doner Kebap House
Original Doner Kebap 7 coupons
Chicken Doner Kebap 7 coupons
Seigi’s Sausage Factory
Siegi Burger (Bratwurst Burger w/Sauerkraut & Cheese) 6 coupons
Grilled Reuben Sandwich (Grilled Corned Beef w/Sauerkraut & Cheese) 6 coupons
Wienerschnitzel Sandwich (Lean Pork Seasoned & Fried) 6 coupons
Spicy Chicken Bratwurst (Sundried Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Swiss Cheese) 6 coupons
Station One – Booth One
German Roasted Cinnamon Almonds, Pecans & Peanuts — Small Bag 5 coupons
Large Bag 8 coupons
X-Large Bag 15 coupons
Homemade Fudge 5 coupons
Station One – Booth Two
German Maize (Roasted Corn) 5 coupons
Station One – Booth Three
German Skillet Potatoes 6 coupons


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16 responses to “Addison Oktoberfest Starts Today! Now Where Do You Eat?

  1. Treven Crutchfield

    I cant wait! Will be one of the first in line tonight.

  2. first comment wins??? yes??? 😉

  3. Blair Munger

    Weinerschnizel sandwich, OH MY! Can’t wait to join in the festivities tomorrow after work!!!

  4. I love Oktoberfest! I think the weather will be really beautiful this year 🙂 Looking forward to it!

  5. This list is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Steve.

  6. Susan

    I think I will go with a Ludger’s Bavarian Cheesecake and a soft pretzel with a German beer, of course!

  7. Sallly Wescott

    I need a ticket or two!

  8. Bry

    The food looks so good!

  9. angela

    I want to try all of these!

  10. unclekrud

    Sausage! Beer! Oktoberfest! Hell YES!

  11. Nic

    It all sounds good. I can’t wait.

  12. Hope C.

    Finally off work and hoping to head there for some opening night festivities! Can’t wait!

  13. Val

    Ironing my lederhosen as we speak..

  14. Grand Prize winner is Sally. We contacted her this afternoon and she will soon have a truck back up to her home with a bounty of German supplies. When you guys win stuff we would love to hear back how your experience was. A photo is bonus!

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