Kosmas Wins Cointreau Competition

by Steven Doyle

This weekend many of the top bartenders in town met for a summit to see who would represent the DFW area in Cointreau’s bartending throw down in New York City.  Sunday evening LeAnn Berry (Komali), Brian McCullough (Standard Pour), Trevor Landry (DISH), Abe Bedell (Oak), Omar Yeefoon (Cedars Social), Jason Kosmas (Village Marquee) and Emily Perkins (The Porch) all met at the new NYLO Southside to entertain invited guests and to mix cocktails made from a table of unusual ingredients.

The ultimate winner of the Cointreau contest in New York will represent at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France as the American Ambassador.   

The night was divided into two sessions. The first session was to loosen guests up as they were plied with cocktails from each of the bartenders. One of the more interesting concoctions came from Abe Bedell with his Twizzler garnished drink. Many of the crowd thought that Cointreau would make each of the drinks cloyingly sweet, but this was not the case of most of the cocktails. The Twizzler set off sugary alarms, but from the first sip your palate was happily surprised.

Emily Perkins is one to watch out for. She has a sweetness about her and is high on talent. Emily is a recent transplant from Portland and is quickly making a name for herself in the bartending community.

Once the judging began there was some clever smack talk bouncing from station to station as the contestants ran for their choice of mystery ingredients and began shaking and stirring.

The judges included NYLO Executive Chef Jerry de la Riva and Charlie Pap from the Windmill. The panel sipped, savored and solidified the when for Jason Kosmas who will be representing Big D in New York. Kosmas was a bit shocked he won but later said it will be nice to have a free trip home, and plans on sweeping the competition in NYC.

The winning drink included fig jam, orange and lemon juices, honey and of course Cointreau. The drink was garnished with chopped orange peel and red chile flakes.

The competition allowed for us all to taste what can be a misunderstood spirit. The Remy Martin brand is a powerful 80 proof and historically not just an addition to upscale margaritas, although it was was originally called “Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec”. In Europe it is common as an aperitif or digestif.

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